October Giveaway Reminder! *CLOSED*


We only have a little over a week to go in the month! So, don’t forget to submit your HairStory, Style Tutorial or Product/Tool/Accessory Review to be entered for your chance to win one of three copies of Chicoro’s Grow It! and a bottle of Dabur Vatika oil. Check out this post for details about how to submit your entry!! Good luck!


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  1. Hey there, Can you make a post for Q&A? I have questions all the time but forget by the time my update comes around. Like, how many people have used Jamaican Black Castor Oil? Do you see the difference in your hair texture after using it? Does your hair shedding from using it? Has any one tried the rajasthani henna? If so, what’s the pro’s and con’s?


    • He Tianna, I have a segment for that. It’s called, “Got Skills?” Just send me your questions and I’ll ask them (some I might break into two different Q&As, like your one above). I’ll set up your question for JBCO for this week and I’ll hold onto the Rajasthani henna for a second one. But, Michelle of Radiant Brown Skin has tried it and commented a couple of times about it. Check out the comments on Carla’s Henna and Me HairStory. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s in the fridge for my next henna session!


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