Daily Archives: October 21, 2011

CurlyNikki NYC Meet-Up: I Was There!!


Could I look any more excited, but trying to be cool about it? LOL!

So, so, so much fun:)! I saw many familiar faces and lots and lots of new ones! Nik was just as GORGEOUS in person as she is online. I don’t think that she can take a bad pic either! But, I mean, look at her … how could she?? And, she let me hold Boog!!!! Boog came right to me!! I think she may have been confused by the hair and thought that I was Nik for a second (even Nik’s husband said that we looked alike from behind … WHAT a compliment!!). Boog went back pretty quickly to Nik, but she did let me get a kiss:)!!! She’s a little doll and I could have played with her the whole evening (maternal clock ticking much, right?)!! LOL!!

There were sooo many beautiful naturals out … I mean, talk about hair porn!! I just kept spinning around in circles trying to look at all the different styles and textures! OMGawh, natural hair is so the bomb!! I mean, in regard to variety, it just doesn’t get any better!!

Finally, THANK YOU to all the ladies who came up to me to let me know that you like the posts on CurlyNikki and/or enjoy Hairscapades. You made my evening sooooo memorable and really put me over the moon with happiness! You don’t know how much it means to me as it’s your support that makes this feel so worthwhile, like it’s helping someone (which is my intent) or at least entertaining 😉 … without all of you, I’d really just feel like a self-absorbed narcissist!! LOL!!  Okay, gotta get ready for work! But before I do, wanted to share pics with you guys! I’ll tell you more about the hair later!

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