September Update: Kendall


Here’s my star pupil* :), Kendall with her September update!

*Kendall was number one in the GOC First Wave and has been the first to send me her submissions each month since we began the GOC! I realized last night that I never posted her September update! Sorry Kendall!


Hello Hello!

September flew by without me really having time to focus on all the things I wanted to try! I’ve largely been considering Henna treatments, but I wonder if I should, since so many people report that it loosens your curl pattern? Since I’m transitioning, I’m trying to avoid things that will alter my curl pattern before I even see what it is. So maybe this is something that I will incorporate into my regimen once I am fully natural. All month I stuck with my new go-to hair-do, Twist ‘n Curls and then pulled up into a loose bun with the ends hidden away. It’s gotten a little boring, but it keeps me from playing with it all day. One positive change that I’m sooo excited about is that my hair has started curling on the ends! I think it’s because of my weekly deep conditioning, which is helping to keep my hair shiny and moisturized. In certain areas, the ends of my hair don’t look like they’ve been relaxed for years and years and I don’t have to put magnetic rollers on the ends when I’m setting my twists. They just curl on their own! Miracle of all miracles! You can see the natural curls in the picture kind of spiraling out and doing their own thing! Just makes me more and more excited to be fully natural and see what my hair can do on its own!

So long September!


That’s awesome Kendall! I agree that you should probably hold off on henna until you let you hair do what it do! You and it are both absolutely gorgeous!! 

Stay tuned for Kendall’s Transitioning HairStory … coming soon to a Hairscapades near you;)!!


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