Dryers, Protein, Twists and Kettlebells


My do for the week! Buns, buns and more buns!

Hey all you lovely ladies!! I just wanted to give you an update in regard to my … well … hairscapades last week! LOL! As you already know, I had a busy four day weekend and didn’t do much with my hair. I wore it in a bun all week. Buuuuut, I did make a few purchases, so I should have some reviews for you soon!

First up, as I mentioned last week, I picked up a Gold N’ Hot bonnet dryer from Sally’s for about $40 after reading Marsha’s review of it.

I’ve been in serious need of a dryer for almost a year now! My hair NEVER dries overnight and my dryer wasn’t cutting it, even after two hours under it! So, it’s been a big headache when trying to do TnCs, braid and twist-outs (I wouldn’t even contemplate a roller set!). I’ve been eyeing this salon dryer on wheels for a while. But, I’d have to buy it online ($128; free shipping though!) and I was worried about whether it would be worth it as the only review I’d been able to find was the one that prompted me to search for it! I didn’t savor the thought of having to pack it up, trek to the post office and pay return shipping. I also wondered where in the world would I store it! So, when I read Marsha’s review, I figured, “What the heck?” With the Gold N’ Hot, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just go around the corner from my house and return it! Low risk baby. I plan on giving this joker a whirl on Tuesday or Wednesday night for a TnC set in preparation for the Curly Nikki NYC Meet-Up! Review to follow!

Next, I’ve been experiencing a little more breakage than normal and I don’t like it! I’ve always avoided protein-based deep conditioners marketed for relaxed, textured hair. I didn’t know what the problem was, but I knew that they always made my hair hard. So, last year, I came to the conclusion that I’m protein sensitive after learning there was such a thing! I’ve relied on henna to act as my strengthening treatment as it’s my understanding that the plant resin bonds to keratin in the hair to fill in gaps in the cuticle similar to the way that protein treatments do. But then, it hit me, I haven’t been doing full strength henna treatments on my length since the beginning of this year due to curl loosening! Also, after reading and learning more about protein, I’ve come to realize that using a moisturizing DC after a protein treatment should restore pliability and softness to the hair. So, while at Sally’s, I decided to also pick up two protein treatments in order to begin experimenting with them. I’ve noticed that a lot of people use the ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment. But, given that the directions indicate that you have to allow this to dry on your hair until it hardens and to avoid any manipulation, I thought that might be a little too strong for my hair and needs. At least, I thought, I don’t need to go that hard with my first protein experiment. So, instead, I picked up a bottle of the ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor.

Also, since I’d read some good reviews of it, I purchased an Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Olive Oil Replenishing Pak. It indicates, “Helps Restore Moisture & Rebuild Damaged Hair.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a protein conditioner because of the “moisture” part. However, I was pretty sure I’d read reviews indicating that it was. So, when I got home, I did some research and found this recent post on bglhonline.com about protein treatments that indicates one should look for “hydrolyzed” proteins in the first five ingredients for a true and effective treatment. I checked the ORS to find hydrolyzed collagen as the fifth ingredient, so I feel relatively confident that it is a protein conditioner. I decided to check the ApHogee too. Oddly enough, a hydrolyzed protein wasn’t in the first five ingredients! However, the sixth and seventh ingredients are hydrolyzed keratin and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (with some other long, chemical words that I don’t feel like re-typing!). So, I figure it probably should be decent too. I’m not sure which one I’ll try first, but I plan on using one of them, followed by either my JessiCurl Weekly Deep Treatment or Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, this Tuesday or Wednesday when I wash my hair for my TnC set. I may not do a moisturizing DC after the ORS if my hair feels soft after rinsing. Anywho, again, reviews to follow!!

Finally, my last hair related purchase of the week was five bags of the Nafy Collection Afro Puffy Twist hair!! After two months, the distributor contacted me to tell me that it was finally back in stock, but he had a limited amount! Actually, I initially inquired about the New Nubian Twist hair that I told you guys about here. However, I was concerned that the hair might not look natural. So, after seeing this picture on the distributor’s Facebook page and asking him about what looks more natural, I decided to go with the Afro Puffy Twist hair in 1b.

The plan is to get my hair in puffy twists in November sometime. I’m still not sure where I’m going to get them done as I’m really wary of most braiding places. I also don’t know whether I’m going to trust someone to blow out my hair or if I’ll do it myself. Maybe I’ll try a Curlformer set to stretch it if the new dryer works well? I don’t know! Anyone have suggestions for a good heat protectant? Ugh. I really wasn’t planning on blowing out my hair until the end of this challenge. It’s been a year now since I last did it. But, I really feel like I want to give myself a little break with doing my hair and am looking forward to being able to leave the house in the morning without worrying about styling!

So finally, last week was an okay exercise week. I got in two interval sessions on the treadmill and two kettlebell routines (one 12 minutes and one 40 minutes). I would have liked to get in another day to make it five in the week (not including last Sunday, when I did do hot yoga), but four still wasn’t bad given that I was in the city all day, every day, from Thursday to Sunday and spent the majority of it on my feet. Anywho, I’ll definitely be reviewing the Lauren Brooks Kettlebell DVD, the good and not so good, this week. So, stay tuned for that too!


What “acquisitions” did you make last week? Thinking of experimenting with anything? And, where are my FB Fitness Friends ;)?!? 

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  1. Girl if you are having a lot of breakage, the Aphogee would do you good. Protein is supposed to make your hair hard so that it binds the protein together. I’ve used it and my hair many times and my hair is super fine. It is getting a little thicker now but I can recall when my hair would snap from rubbing up against my face. Every time without fail the Aphogee would stop the breakage and does not damage the hair further. It’s only to be used every 6 weeks or so. After the protein treatment, when you rinse your hair out, you would use the moisturizing treatment and it completely restores flexible hair.

    I know ppl talk about protein sensitivity etc but I don’t really believe in that since the hair is made of protein. I think that ppl don’t use protein treatments correctly so their hair incurs more damage after they rinse it out Just my take on it. The protein is only to be put in the hair for a short while and then super hydrated and moisturized right after There’s my 50 cents for the day.

    No buys for me this week! Yahhh! Well, that’s probably because I bought other things. My hair is becoming less important when compared to the condition of my soul and spirit which I’m investing more in. Funny thing is the less I do now with my hair, the more it’s growing and not breaking. I hennae’d this weekend (check today’s post) and the hair is just lovely. Not doing anything with it other than you guessed it…….bunning it!


    • Your comments and post on the protein conditioner were what got me rethinking protein … well those, and some other reading. I believe in protein sensitivity because there are styling products with protein that make my hair brittle and hard and I wouldn’t follow those with an immediate moisturizing treatment. Also, I think the premise that someone whose hair is very protein laden naturally would be sensitive to products with protein because it would add it to hair that already has enough or too much. So, I’ll have to disagree with you there. But, I do believe that perhaps too many of us have come to the conclusion that we are protein sensitive when it might only be certain proteins that create a problem (I’m realizing that some in my products don’t cause a problem, whereas others do; just haven’t figured out which proteins my hair likes and which it dislikes). Also, many conditioners with protein don’t say anything about using a moisturizing treatment afterwards. I’ve only heard that in the last year and seen that recommended on a few protein conditioners, such as the ApHogee. So, the more you know!!

      As to your hair doing well when you leave it alone … exactly:)! I kept messing with my hair so much the week of the HBCU Homecoming, two fishtail braids, twisting and untwisting it, bunning, etc., that I’m partially responsible for the breakage. So, I was happy to give it a break with buns last week! Sounds like your focus is on things that work from the inside out. Nice:).


      • So here’s the thing. Don’t trust manufacturers LOL. Protein was never meant to be put in products other than protein treatments. That’s because protein should be washed out and followed with a softening agent. Moisturizers, Leave Ins etc. should not have protein in them. That’s why the hair is left hard. I would never recommend using a shampoo or leave in product or any other product with protein in it other than your deep conditioner that you sit under the dryer with. I learned all about protein and what it should be and not in ages ago from going to seminars with Cathy Howse who now know personally. She’s such a nice lady too!

        I discovered like you too I can’t really do braids and stuff in my hair. Even when I corn rowed the front of my hair that time, I could hear it pop as gentle as I tried to be. I’ll have to stick with your TnC method. I did it Saturday. It came out ok. I used the sample of Miss Jessie’s Curling Pudding. I really don’t like their products. It left my hair feeling really dry. Not crunchy. Just dry. I think for me to even use up the rest of the samples, I’ll have to mix it with something like Shea Butter.

        Can’t wait til Thursday!


        • Very, very interesting about not using styling products or leave-ins with protein! However, I presume that the protein in those types of treatments may be very light or often are not hydrolyzed, which seems to be necessary for it to really “patch” the gaps in the cuticle. Now, I may have to do some research on that for a post!! Thanks Michelle.

          And, about Thursday:

          I KNOW!!!!!!! LOL!!


          • Oh, and I don’t like Miss Jessie’s either. My hair only felt moisturized when I first applied it. Then, it quickly dried out and I was applying the product daily to try to keep it moisturized. I realized my hair was starting to feel dry and brittle when I washed it and attribute that to Miss Jessie’s. I stopped using it immediately after that! No thank you.


            • Yes! that’s exactly how it was. Moist when first applied. I think it’s heavily chemically based. OK so I just wrote the post on protein. Let me know your thoughts!


        • Michelle, I have to say, I googled this protein in styler topic and was led to Cathy Howse’s site. However, after seeing her hair pics over 14 years, I’m not impressed. Her pics from ’97 to ’01 *( a four year time span) seem to show about the same amount of length progress that I made from February to August of this year. And, you’ve seen my pics from 2006 to present. I mean, that’s supposed to be four years of growth and retention (as she seems to indicate that she doesn’t trim her hair in a traditional way). I know that she had a relaxer and that definitely impacted the strength of her hair. But, it appears she stopped relaxing in 2005. Loking at her pics and believing, as I do, that “textured” hair grows at relatively the same rate as other hair (1/4 to 1/2 a month), I have to believe she has had breakage over that time that impacted her length. I haven’t ready Chicoro’s theories on protein. But, her hair is a LOT longer and thicker than Cathy Howse’s. So, I’m not yet inclined to be persuaded by Howse’s theories. But, I’ll have to read more to really form a fair impression. Again, just given the growth photos in the link below, I was not blown away by the gain in length over 14 years as I know that my hair blew that away in 3, maybe 4 years without protein treatments that made my hair hard (though, as you know, I did start using henna last year). I hope I don’t sound judgmental! Okay, I’m going to hush now!



          • No not judgemental at all. Cathy’s cut her hair though a few times. Well, maybe cute is too much to say. A big trim? I know she had teeny tiny hair at one point. She does trim now though. I saw her at the expo and I could tell. Her hair is very thick too.Also, remember it was 14 years of mostly learning 🙂

            Oh by the way, she has a shampoo out now that’s SLS free. You know I had to buy the mini size to try it. I haven’t used it yet. I’ve been focusing on Kyra’s hair. The weave looks hot but Lord underneath….


  2. Both products are excellent!!! I’m glad u didn’t get the two step Aphogee. That’s just over doing it!

    On my relaxed hair I used to alternate those two products weekly. I didn’t know the ORD was a protein conditioner though. I though it was a moisturizing conditioner.

    In any case, my hair was always long, but when I started using ORS my hair grewwwwww and it was super shiny. So much so that people would comment on how much my hair grew or how shiny it was. I didn’t even realize it at first. I thought the shine was due to the orange oil (something like that) in it.

    Love love love these conditioners. I was actually thinking of going back to the ORS to see if I achieve the same results on my natural hair.


    • Sometimes you have to overdue it so to speak when you have a lot of breakage (not that that’s the case for Shelli). Aphogee is not supposed to leave your hair soft. It’s supposed to leave your hair strong. It does that well. But if a person doesn’t use it properly by following up with proper moisturizing and a softening agents, the result is not good….more breakage. Also, it shouldn’t be used that often unless a person is damaging their hair on a consistent basis like with flat irons etc.

      Hmmm I’m thinking i should do a post on protein now and specifically Aphogee.


  3. …and my hair always felt really moisturized after the ORS. That thing would make my hair soft like butter (not so much with the Aphogee, but my strands felt stronger with the Aphogee that’s why I alternated weekly).

    I used them both as a deep conditioner. At least an hr in.


  4. I gave the Aphogee treatment a try and I don’t if it was me but I didn’t see much difference. But then again I’m a person who needs instant gratification. I would like to try the Jamician Oil’s protein treatment that Michelle reviewed. I also would not mind trying the ORS.

    I am excited this week because I finally going to take a hot yoga class. After hearing Shelli rave so much about I wanted to try it. Blessings came my way and I got a Groupon for 10 classes costing only $43 (usually $170), so you know I jumped on that chance.

    @Shelli I really love that star headband. It suits you well!


    • Hey Miche’al if you aren’t incurring tons of breakage, I wouldn’t recommend you using Aphogee. It’s a quick fix so to speak. If your hair is not breaking, no need. The JBCO is a good maintenance conditioner in my opinion but I also don’t think that it should be used every wash day. I did a henna this weekend so I didn’t use it again but I will use it in 2 weeks.


  5. I’ve used Aphogee since before going natural and I LOVE it. I find that the quality and the price really match up. I really think you’ll like it.

    And you want to know something? I never knew Henna bonds the keratin in the hair!! I never felt a need to try it (i guess because I didn’t know what it does), but now I definitely want to!

    Good luck with all your wonderful new products and I look forward to the reviews!


    • Hey YIrissi,

      This is what it says on Mehandi.com:

      “Henna has tannin in it and the tannin molecules bind into keratin (hair) molecules and make the fibers physically stronger, like winding threads together to make a stronger string.”

      Interestingly (but logically) enough, I found a thread on long hair community that indicates hair that is severely damaged could have so little keratin for the henna to bind to that it doesn’t “take” as well. Things that make you go, “Hmmmmmm.”


  6. I use the Olive Oil Replenshing Conditioner and I love it. It makes the hair very soft, even after blow drying and Henna. (Sorry I am having trouble letting the heat go) =(


  7. Well, it looks like I made the right choices in conditioners given all of the positive feedback!!! Thanks so much guys!! I’ve decided that I’m going to try the ApHogee this wash day and then evaluate from there. I won’t do another protein treatment for 4-6 weeks depending on how my hair feels after using it.


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