NY Comic Con 2011


As many of you know, I’m a big comics fan and was eagerly looking forward to NYCC, which began this past Thursday, October 13th and ran through today! I went every single day and had a great time with the exception of the hour or so that my camera was lost. Y’all don’t know, I was almost in tears. But geek honor is strong and some kind gentlemen turned my brand new camera in an hour or so after I lost it (remember, I just got it about 3 weeks ago after breaking my old one!)!! All was right in the world again and joy was restored.

Okay, so I took about 200 pictures! Yeah. I mean, the event is just massive and I think there were even more people there this year than last. It is just packed, which can be annoying as it can be difficult to move around. But, the amount of comic, cartoon, sci-fi, TV, movie and costume “eye candy” on display is intoxicating! Obviously, I can’t post all of the pictures I took, but figured I’d share a few highlights. I was so torn between a slide show, where I can show more pictures and individual pics where I can provide captions! I’m going with the latter. So, if you’d like to see more pics, let me know and I’ll do another post with a slide show!

Sorry ladies, no star lips! LOL! I really need to figure out how to take a pic of myself smiling without looking dorky! This serious look is soooo not me!

My coordinating Wonder Woman tee-shirt!! I got this several years ago and it was the perfect match for the headband! By the way, the headband was cute, but the elastic was far too thin and I had to tie it to make it tight enough! I was leaving a panel and a girl stops me to say she friends with the girl who makes them! I say, “It’s great, but tell her she needs to use thicker headbands!!” LOL!!

Pictured here are people who changed the game. I’ve been fans of all of them for over a decade and it was my first time seeing the second two in person. They are as follows:

  1. The amazing Bruce Timm, Executive Producer of some of my all-time favorite cartoons, Batman The Animated series, Batman Beyond, Superman and Justice League.
  2. The incomparable Kevin Conroy who IS Batman. Seriously, he will forever be the “real” Batman. His voice is iconic.
  3. The brilliant Andrea Romano, Voice Caster and Director extraordinaire! She has been the Voice Director for such inimitable series as Pinky and the Brain, Batman: TAS, Justice League and Avatar: The Last Airbender (you know how I feel about that!). She also is the voice director for Boondocks (I’m not fond of the series, though a huge fan of the strip).
  1. My buddy and Comic Con road dog, Kas.
  2. Rapunzel from Tangled.
  3. Power girl.
  1. Wolverine and Captain America x 2. We call them Wolvie and Cap!
  2. I have no idea.
  3. Black Cat.
  1. Bender from Futurama.
  2. Rogue.
  3. Green Arrow.
Three of the four members of the Sci-Five (Anthony, Fernando and me). *LOL* That dang Fabio left to show his portfolio! I can never seem to get us all together!

Fabio everybody!!!!  (That’s his girlfriend Megan on the left.)

Okay, I have some other posts to write for tomorrow and all this uploading and inserting photos is taking forever! Hope you enjoyed. And, again, I have TONS more pics! So, if you’d like to see more … oh, what the heck! I already uploaded over 50 of them! Here’s a slide show with the above pics as well as some other Comic Con fun. Again though, this is only a small sample of the pics I took!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh wait, how could I not give this amazing guy individual shine?!?!

Mark Hamill!!!!

I’m telling you guys, this is one of the nicest celebrities you’ll ever meet! He was so awesome, funny, kind and willing to tell all kinds of stories about being Luke Skywalker and voicing the Joker on Batman: TAS (again, ICONIC!!). I saw Batman and the Joker in one day. I was on cloud nine!

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  1. You know what I forgot to mention? There were soooo many naturals at the Con!! I wish I had more guts to ask them to let me take pics! Most of the pics I got here, someone else asked the person to pose and I just rode their coattails!! LOL!!


  2. Looovveeee your bun with the headband. I sooooo wish you had done the star lips. That would have been fantastic!!! LOL

    I’m mad you told her that her friend needs to make the headbands with thicker elastic. LOL


  3. LaShonda, I wish you were too! We would have had so much fun!

    Thanks Rece ad Leah!! Rece, after I said it, I thought, “Wow, was that a little rude?!” LMBO! But, the band IS too thin!! And, I’m afraid to try to separate the pieces of felt to remove the thin one and replace it with one of those thicker Goody headband for fear of ruining it! Those things were pretty expensive, so I’d be pissed if I damaged them in the process! I’m going to send the feedback to the shop with pics though to say how I really did like them and got a few women asking me where I got them.


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    • I’ve never played that game or even seen it other than some trailers on YouTube. But my friend at work loves it and he’s supposed to have invited me over long ago to watch him play it. Guess I need to remind him again ;). Mark Hamill was soooo awesome:)!


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