September Update: Michelle aka Mickey


Mickey of the Seventh Wave gives us her GOC status update and … what’s this? A Got Skills question! 


Day one of twist and curl. GO BEARS!!! Big football fan! 🙂

So … I have been a bad girl. My birthday was September 25th, so I got my hair straightened! BUT, I plan to wear twists for the next few months!! I plan to do a trim in January, because I think I still have a little perm on my ends *smh*!! They just won’t curl!! So off they go!!! I hope my hair is to somewhat mid-back length by JANUARY!!!

 SO … my regimen has stayed the same. I try not to wash my hair every week, but I get dandruff. Any suggestions to help my dandruff situation? I am planning to try Jane Carters Scalp Renew?? It’s a bit pricey, but Ive heard good things.

Day 2 TnC

(P.S. I want to try Senegalese twists with hair added. I know, I know … my hair is super thick and  long. I’m just scared of breakage and how long it will take!!! Has anyone tried them?)


I’ve never had a dandruff problem, but I have had a dry, flaky scalp and Neutrogena T-Gel worked very well for me. However, I am definitely not an expert in this area. So, probably best to seek the advice of a professional or someone else who has successfully dealt with controlling/eliminating dandruff. Any takers??

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  1. Were your hair twisted on flexi rods? As for the Senegalese twists with extensions. I have tried the style before which was installed by myself. If you ever decide to get them, just be very careful of your edges and continue to moisturize and wash as you would your hair. Also try not to keep them in more than two months.


    • A great, quick and cheap fix for my seasonal dandruff issues: crush a few aspirin and place the resulting powder into your shampoo/no-poo. It works wonders to eliminate the dandruff. I think incorporating about 6-8 crushed asprin depending on the amount of dandruff you have and the amount of shampoo remaining in your bottle. The aspirin works to counteract the inflammation that causes the dandruff.

      Also, steaming your hair with some tea tree oil and water once or twice a month may prove beneficial as well. The tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and the helps break up any sebum on your scalp that may block follicles, thereby inhibiting hair growth.
      I struggled with dandruff for several years before incorporating these methods. I have not had any problems in the past 8 years since doing the above.

      Good luck.


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