Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer


by Marsha of Hairology

A couple of weeks ago i purchased a soft bonnet hair dryer from Sally’s, the cost was $39.99.
  • jumbo-size drawstring bonnet
  • compact design
  • retractable handle on storage case
  • cord and bonnet storage compartment
  • high/low heat and cool settings
  • easy to store
  • easy to use
  • readily accessible
  • great characteristics as listed above
  • high heat setting gets really hot
  • cool setting very cooling
  • I think the drawstrings were wrongly placed…I think it should have been placed all around the bonnet like a shower cap.

Overall i like this product because i don’t have to prop the hair dryer on a flat surface or sit on a uncomfortable chair while my hair is being dried. I like the idea that the fan is faced upward, preventing overheating. I can sit on my couch and surf the web while i am deep conditioning or drying my hair.


So yeah, I went to Sally’s after work on Wednesday and bought this! I need something to dry my TnC for the CurlyNikki Meet-Up next week! I’ll let ya’ll know if it dries my perpetually wet hair in a reasonable amount of time! Also, I’m thinking, I’ll just add a Goody elastic headband around the perimeter to make certain it stays in place! Might get hot though, so I’ll have to be careful about that!


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  1. I am so interested in this. I have wl hair and no matter what I try my hair takes forever to dry. I bought a bonnet attachment for my dryer but it’s useless. I’m so jealous of ladies who can wash their hair at night and wake up to a dry head the next morning.


  2. Thanks for this post. I really want to get a new hair dryer (mine broke a year or so ago and I borrow my grandmothers when I want to do a roller set or something). So this bonnet dryer looks like a good alternative to one of those rollabout hair dryers. Do you think the bonnet is large enough to fit rollers for a roller set or rod set?


  3. Lol, yeah wl. I was surprised myself when I realized it. I’ve always had long hair but never ever this long. So you can imagine how long it takes for this mop to dry. Thanks Shelli and Marsha for reviewing dryers.


    • OMGosh Mekale, I’ve been contemplating a dryer purchase for a year now! Ridic! I’m just glad Marsha bought this one as I’ve looked at it before and read the reviews, but they were mixed. This prompted me to at least give it a couple of tries as I can always return it to Sally’s if it doesn’t work well. I am so right with you in regard to the drying issue!! My hair is long, but not that thick and it takes forever AND A DAY to dry!! I put it in four twists on Wednesday morning. Went to sleep in the same twists last night. Do you know, my hair still wasn’t dry this morning? It’s impossible for me to get my hair dry in a TnC in one day without a dryer assist. My old one just wasn’t doing the job anymore. I’ve been eyeing this rolling one, but at $130, just wasn’t ready to go there. I’ll see how this one works (and will provide a review of course) and if it’s not the business, I may break down and order the rolling one. Someone likened it to the Pibbs for less than half the cost, but that was the only review I ever found. Also, I like that the Gold N’ Hot is easily stored, while the one on wheels would not be.

      Jen, from Marsha’s pics, the bonnet looks HUGE! I’m sure it’ll fit rollers. I’m definitely contemplating finally trying a Curlformer set! I bought those things last year and never used them! I may try a flexirod set first though, just to see if it dries it in an hour or two. It’ll be a lot easier for met to set on those so I won’t be so disappointed if they don’t work out!!


      • Thanks, I did go and look around to see if someone had used it with rollers, and I did find someone on youtube, and she seemed to have plenty room. With the rollabout dryer deal I read some reviews that said it was difficult to fit your head under the bonnet with rollers or flexirods. So I really may look into this soft bonnet one, and as you stated, I could always return if it doesn’t work out. Thanks!


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  6. I personally prefer the regular hair dryer, for me it’s easier to use, I have the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which works great and keeps my hair smooth, shiny and soft. Plus it dries the hair really fast and without any damage. 😀


    • Hi Monique, Is the Karmin Salon Pro that you use a handheld blowdryer? I tried to google it and it seems to be handheld. The soft hooded hair dryer is very useful, especially when I do my curlformer or flexirod sets. Using a handheld hair dryer would not work for me.


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  9. I bought the same one four years ago. I love it I go to sleep with it on and everything. I will only be using this one. My hair has a lot of body n bounce. It drys your head all over n drys fast. It’s vary hot n does the job perfect


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