Dolls by MonTQ


A few months ago, my SO was in Harlem and came across this street vendor with wares that he knew would intrigue me! So, he took a picture with his camera phone and e-mailed it to me:


The artisan is Tanya (not pictured) and you can find more information about her amazing dolls on Black Crafters Guild. If you’re lucky, you might see her on the sidewalks of Harlem, the Bronx or at a fair/festival in the NY Metro area. If you are really lucky and in or near Philly, you can find her dolls here:

Amazulu Gift Shop
Reading Terminal
1136 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

With that, I’ll leave you with more photos of her gorgeous, hand-crafted, faceless but far from personality-less, works of art! Enjoy!!

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  1. Hello Tonya, this is Bridgette in DC. Are you coming back to my area around Christmas this year??? Please say yes, PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAASSSE.


  2. I am from NY and Went to capital jazz fest in Philly and fell in love with them. Pics do no justice. You need to get them . I call them my BIG GIRL DOLLS.


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