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Dolls by MonTQ


A few months ago, my SO was in Harlem and came across this street vendor with wares that he knew would intrigue me! So, he took a picture with his camera phone and e-mailed it to me:


The artisan is Tanya (not pictured) and you can find more information about her amazing dolls on Black Crafters Guild. If you’re lucky, you might see her on the sidewalks of Harlem, the Bronx or at a fair/festival in the NY Metro area. If you are really lucky and in or near Philly, you can find her dolls here:

Amazulu Gift Shop
Reading Terminal
1136 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

With that, I’ll leave you with more photos of her gorgeous, hand-crafted, faceless but far from personality-less, works of art! Enjoy!!

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September Update: Charelle


Hey! It’s Charelle with the first GOC Update from the Tenth Wave!  

As the first month of my GOC, September went pretty well for me. I decided to start using henna and I’ve already henna’d three times in two weeks! I like the auburn/red tone it has given to my previously copper highlights and I’ve noticed CONSIDERABLY less shedding. I used Reshma henna, which I purchased from the local Indian grocer and used 200 g with 2 cups of green tea, plus a squeeze of honey.

I also straightened my hair this month as a length check and also to trim my ends. My hairstylist is on maternity leave for six months 😦 , so I employed the help of my friend/roommate to help me out. The trim turned out pretty well and saved me $60.

As far as products go, I recently bought Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I love what it does for my hair. It’s a good moisturizer and it smells good. I’ve used it for some mini-twists that I tried and it works wonders. I want to keep my regimen as simple as possible, so I will continue the following once a week:

  • Wash/Condition with TreSemme Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
  • DT with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
  • Detangle with KCNT
  • Style with KCCC
  • Oil occasionally with Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil

(I find that Kinky Curly products tame the frizz and get my hair to do what I want it to do, while keeping it moisturized.)

My goals over the next month are:
  • To perfect twist outs/twist n curls
  • Combat my itchy and sometimes dry scalp
  • Detangle more effectively
  • Retain length
  • Not pick up a flat iron
Fitness: I’m pretty satisfied with my fitness over the past month. I’ve worked out about 2-3 times a week and my diet consists of mostly Lean Cuisines. However, since the Monopoly game has begun recently at McDonalds, I find myself going there more frequently :(. I’ve got a love affair with McDonalds that’s hard to shake *LOL*. I haven’t lost any weight yet, so I’m still 143. But that’s ok, I’m still within normal weight range because I’m 5’5″.


Oooh!  Another Lean Cuisine gal?!?!  Do you do the LC Delicious Rewards? I’m off the hook with that! I’ve “purchased” the freezer tote, a lunch bag and the shopping list pad/magnet with my reward points! And, I still have a 1000+ points and counting! LOL!! I’m planning a post called, “The Lazy Woman’s Diet!” 

Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer


by Marsha of Hairology

A couple of weeks ago i purchased a soft bonnet hair dryer from Sally’s, the cost was $39.99.
  • jumbo-size drawstring bonnet
  • compact design
  • retractable handle on storage case
  • cord and bonnet storage compartment
  • high/low heat and cool settings
  • easy to store
  • easy to use
  • readily accessible
  • great characteristics as listed above
  • high heat setting gets really hot
  • cool setting very cooling
  • I think the drawstrings were wrongly placed…I think it should have been placed all around the bonnet like a shower cap.

Overall i like this product because i don’t have to prop the hair dryer on a flat surface or sit on a uncomfortable chair while my hair is being dried. I like the idea that the fan is faced upward, preventing overheating. I can sit on my couch and surf the web while i am deep conditioning or drying my hair.


So yeah, I went to Sally’s after work on Wednesday and bought this! I need something to dry my TnC for the CurlyNikki Meet-Up next week! I’ll let ya’ll know if it dries my perpetually wet hair in a reasonable amount of time! Also, I’m thinking, I’ll just add a Goody elastic headband around the perimeter to make certain it stays in place! Might get hot though, so I’ll have to be careful about that!