Last Week Was a Good Week


I had a great week last week in regard to getting back into my fitness routine! If you read this post, you know that I had to set some ground rules for myself in order to regain focus and structure in regard to my life, exercise and the blog. One of the ground rules was that I would post my workout intentions for the day each morning on my Facebook page and that I would be off of the computer by 6:45 a.m.. Well, I’m happy to say that for 6 out of 7 day workout days, I did both.  On the 7th, which was yesterday, I didn’t get off of the computer by 6:45 so I wasn’t able to do my abs workout in the morning. However, I made up for it by doing them after work before getting on the treadmill. I’m still waiting to see if anyone is joining me on this Challenge Within a Challenge! So, if you are, remember to comment on my status each morning with your intentions for the day! I think that it will help encourage others too!

Now on to a hair update. I hadn’t washed my hair since the weekend before I went to Homecoming. It had been two weeks and I applied a Vatika and olive oil pre-poo this past Sunday, which I only washed out last night. I just didn’t have the time or energy to finish my wash day rituals on Sunday or Monday and I don’t do my hair when I don’t have time. That results in impatience and impatience results in damage. So, I’d rather rock my banana clip bun until I know that I can take my time with my hair. Seriously, that thing always saves me in a pinch and I think it looks better when I have a pre-poo in my hair!

So, back to last week. In the earlier half of the week, I wore my hair in a bun using the Goody Spin Pins. But, it wasn’t really cooperating with me. My hair was too directional and tangled at the roots to bun evenly or smoothly. So, on Wednesday, I decided to do a dry finger detangle to attempt a dry braid-out. Hence, the wild hair in the picture above. This was my hair after I finished finger detangling.

I proceeded to do a dry braid out using Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee and EVOO on my ends to seal. I then spritzed with a little filtered water, rolled the last inch or two of the braids on small pink flexis, tied on a hair net (to allow air flow for better drying) and hit the sack.

In the morning, I removed the flexis, released the braids and decided on a side part instead of my normal center one.

Meh. As usual, I’m not loving it. I just can’t seem to get the results that others achieve with dry twist/braid outs. I like the side shot, but the front just wasn’t doing anything for me. It might have been that my hair had too much product on it since I’d been applying the Ghee to my hair every few days during the two weeks between wash sessions and used Eco for the bun I’d worn the prior Saturday too. I didn’t have time to mess around with it though, so I left the house with it down. Well, when I got to work, I was immediately complimented by a co-worker when I walked in the door. She said that she almost didn’t recognize me because she’s not used to seeing me with my hair down. I thanked her, but told her that it would probably be up within the hour. And … it was.

I swear, it was just getting on my nerves! I was pulling shed hairs out left and right and just couldn’t take it. So, up it went!! The co-worker who complimented me has a sister is in my department who came by to see my hair and was soon disappointed because it was up! LOL! I really find it funny that I don’t like to have my hair down too much anymore and that my reason for wanting long hair now is so that I can do better and bigger updos! Oh yeah, by the way, waist length is my goal for the end of this challenge in Janaury. But, I may be continuing the challenge beyond that as I’m going for tailbone length now!!

Happy Wednesday!!

(p.s. My WW Stars and “Kapow” headbands arrived yesterday!!! So, I got them in time for NYCC!! I’ll model them for you soon :)!)

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  1. Let me hear you roar, talking about a lioness look in the first picture. Girl your hair was looking lovely before the bun. I know what you mean though, no one knows your hair like you.


  2. Love the side part. Your hair is growing like weeds! i’ve been in a similar situation. I haven’t washed in 2 weeks! I had the Vatika prepoo in for 2 weeks and I guess it’s time to do it again. Plus, my greys are showing so time for a henna.


    • My grey is coming in tough too!! But, Comic Con starts tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll get a henna in before the Meet-Up!! And 2 weeks?!?! Well, now that isn’t a pre-poo anymore, is it? LOL!!! Someone asked me on my pre-poo post on if it’s still a pre-poo 2-3 days later. I’d say so … but for 2 weeks, did it all absorb?!?! LOL!! And thanks both of you!! It was okay, but just wasn’t the results that I wanted. I wanted Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) hair :)!! I’ve gotten it before, so just have to figure out what I did to do it!


  3. Your hair looks niiiiiice down, but that sure is a lot of hair! It would prob get on my nerves too. I’m still laughing at your co-workers sister who came to see your hair! LOL.


  4. LOL. I can totally relate to this post. Wearing it down always SEEMS like a good idea until about 2 hours into the workday when it starts doing stuff like getting caught under my purse straps or wrapped around my earrings (not to mention the constantly increasing frizz). And there’s always that one co-worker that says “you should wear your hair down more often.” Aww… thanks. But no thanks. LOL

    But, I agree with everyone… it looks great! And healthy.


      • Yes Mickey and Rece!! The getting caught in everything is a nightmare as you hear or see hair rip! Under the purse is a common occurrence! I couldn’t wait to get it into a bun!! LOL!! And, because I’d finger detangled, I was able to do so without the drama of the couple days prior!! Win, win! Thanks though for the compliments:)!! I’m having a little issue right now though that I’ll post about in the next day or two … working on my remediation strategy:).


  5. Your hair looks really thick as Rece said. I have noticed the longer my hair gets the more I want to keep it up! It’s not even near your length so I can just imagine how you feel. The longest I had my pre-poo in was for three days. Everyone kept saying my hair looked stringy. Maybe too much vatika oil????


  6. You’re hair is absolutely gorgeous! Something about the side part I really, really like! My strands are coming out by the handful — must drink water, must drink water…..


    • Awww, thanks Rhonda. I don’t know, I just never feel like the side part is flattering to my face unless I get it perfect or my hair is straight … neither of which it was here. As strands coming out by the handful … I touch my hair and I’m pulling out strands. It gets me so frustrated! I should just go to a dermatologist to see if it’s normal and I’m freaking over nothing or if my hair really is thinning. I know it looks thick in these pictures, but in the head on pic, it’s all moved forward over my shoulders. There is no hair hanging down my back. And, I swear it used to be thicker. But then, I think, it was curlier too, so maybe it just looked thicker. Ughhhh, I hate feeling obsessive over it and it seems that it is probably consistent shedding, but it’s so upsetting to see hair coming out on your hands CONSTANTLY. I know it looks like more than it did in the past because it’s longer and it seems some with denser hair shed a lot, but DANG! Okay, tired and need to stop ranting and raving! LOL! But thanks for “listening” and all the best to you in getting your shedding under control if it is, in fact, excessive! That’s always the question, isn’t it? I think we also didn’t pay attention to it when we weren’t thinking too much about hair!


        • I know right! I could not believe my eyes! I scrolled down the page and back up like several times before it finally sunk in that I was a winner. A winner! I sent an email to Nik immediately…awaiting a reply. I still can’t believe it…..!


  7. Shelli!

    THANKS! I was so excited to see my name under the winners column. I know it sounds cliche but I never win anything…guess I can no longer say, “never”! I am so over the moon. I can hardly wait to claim my prize. It is just in time too as the cooler weather (and wetter) is pushing in…I live in DE.

    Yes, my hair is coming out in the handfuls. I know that I have been terribly remiss in H2O intake, but dang….I mean, I have pushed aside all the brushes and combs (wide toothed) and just finger detangle, but even that yields a handful of hair. I honestly dont know what to do and good/great dermo’s in my area is hard to come by. I rushed out and purchased the Infusium23 as suggested in your post. I am hoping that by some miracle it reverses this shedding trend.

    Your hair is absolutely fab-u-lous! One can wish…even though I wish for a more lush, thicker head of hair, I would do anything for your length. My hair is that at APL but my goal is BSL and it appears that I just can’t add the few more inches. Truly frustrating!

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of information with us!

    ~Rhonda C


  8. I always feel like if you part your hair a certain way, as soon as you switch it up it’s just gives you a new vibe. Never underestimate the power of the part…It gives you a whole new look instantly! Love the side part on you!


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