September Update: Marsha


Marsha (Sixth Wave) updates us with her new loves, technique and purchase!


G O C   U p d a t e

by Marsha of Hairology

So, what have I been up to lately when it comes to my hair? Well nothing much. I have been protecting my hair by wearing really low manipulation hair styles. I work more times than I actually go out, so it has been quite easy to do simple styles that don’t add too much stress on my hair.

New things and regimen:

  • I fell in love with my banana clip.
  • I have been using my fingers more to detangle my hair.
  • I purchased a soft bonnet-style hair dryer to do my deep treatments or dry my hair when I have no time to air dry.
  • I have fallen in love with Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave-in conditioner. If I am out of my Kimmaytube leave-in, I resort to my KBB. Both products leave my hair OBER soft and shiny.

I recently did a length check, which is more like a healthy hair check, and I have [had] great success. My hair feels and looks so much more healthier compared to a few months ago. Oh well, I guess I’ll continue my new routine, tweaking here and there as needed.



Okay Marsha, I need you to submit full details about the bonnet dryer, as well as a review!! I know Sally’s has a few, but I wasn’t impressed. There’s a standing one on rollers that I’ve been eyeing for months, but it’s almost $130 and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to buy it. I went to Harmon’s on Sunday to see if they had any (they did not). So, I’m still in the market. Therefore, review please (which, of course, I’ll share with all of you;))!!

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