September Update: Ky


Remember Ky of the Fifth Wave?

Well, we’ve been had … took … hoodwinked … bamboozled … led astray … run amuck. Doubt me? Just keep reading …


M o n t h  2  R e c a p 

by Ky of Hair Today Healthy Hair Tomorrow

congratulations to me for not damaging my hair this month!
  • i eliminated all SheaMoisture products, so now i’m itchie free.
  • did my first true henna application and loved the results.
  • kept manipulation and loose styles to a minimum. all twistouts i planned eneded up just being twists.
  • started taking a multivitamin/eating better.
plans for next month:
  • henna every two weeks starting next week.
  • keep my hair in simple twists.
  • actually buy shea butter. i’m nervous because i’m suspicious i might have an allergy.
  • strain and bottle the ayurvedic hair potion at some point.
  • use said potion for oil treatments, pre-poos, butter mixes, and henna applications.
  • train myself to stop scratching my scalp. lately i’ve been using the pads of my fingers, but every so often i slip up.


What the hizzay?!?! I call foul! Foul I say!! LOL!!! Yo! Ky was hiding a head full of hair from us!! LOL! Now, I dare some of y’all to say you have the most shrinkage ever! I had to go back to Ky’s original submission to realize that she never pulled a strand to show length, didn’t mention her current length and didn’t set a length goal. But, seriously, she could sooo pull a slim shady on people by marketing a growth formula and using her August pictures as her before and September as her after:)!


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