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September Update: Marsha


Marsha (Sixth Wave) updates us with her new loves, technique and purchase!


G O C   U p d a t e

by Marsha of Hairology

So, what have I been up to lately when it comes to my hair? Well nothing much. I have been protecting my hair by wearing really low manipulation hair styles. I work more times than I actually go out, so it has been quite easy to do simple styles that don’t add too much stress on my hair.

New things and regimen:

  • I fell in love with my banana clip.
  • I have been using my fingers more to detangle my hair.
  • I purchased a soft bonnet-style hair dryer to do my deep treatments or dry my hair when I have no time to air dry.
  • I have fallen in love with Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave-in conditioner. If I am out of my Kimmaytube leave-in, I resort to my KBB. Both products leave my hair OBER soft and shiny.

I recently did a length check, which is more like a healthy hair check, and I have [had] great success. My hair feels and looks so much more healthier compared to a few months ago. Oh well, I guess I’ll continue my new routine, tweaking here and there as needed.



Okay Marsha, I need you to submit full details about the bonnet dryer, as well as a review!! I know Sally’s has a few, but I wasn’t impressed. There’s a standing one on rollers that I’ve been eyeing for months, but it’s almost $130 and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to buy it. I went to Harmon’s on Sunday to see if they had any (they did not). So, I’m still in the market. Therefore, review please (which, of course, I’ll share with all of you;))!!


September Update: Ky


Remember Ky of the Fifth Wave?

Well, we’ve been had … took … hoodwinked … bamboozled … led astray … run amuck. Doubt me? Just keep reading …


M o n t h  2  R e c a p 

by Ky of Hair Today Healthy Hair Tomorrow

congratulations to me for not damaging my hair this month!
  • i eliminated all SheaMoisture products, so now i’m itchie free.
  • did my first true henna application and loved the results.
  • kept manipulation and loose styles to a minimum. all twistouts i planned eneded up just being twists.
  • started taking a multivitamin/eating better.
plans for next month:
  • henna every two weeks starting next week.
  • keep my hair in simple twists.
  • actually buy shea butter. i’m nervous because i’m suspicious i might have an allergy.
  • strain and bottle the ayurvedic hair potion at some point.
  • use said potion for oil treatments, pre-poos, butter mixes, and henna applications.
  • train myself to stop scratching my scalp. lately i’ve been using the pads of my fingers, but every so often i slip up.


What the hizzay?!?! I call foul! Foul I say!! LOL!!! Yo! Ky was hiding a head full of hair from us!! LOL! Now, I dare some of y’all to say you have the most shrinkage ever! I had to go back to Ky’s original submission to realize that she never pulled a strand to show length, didn’t mention her current length and didn’t set a length goal. But, seriously, she could sooo pull a slim shady on people by marketing a growth formula and using her August pictures as her before and September as her after:)!

October Giveaway Announcement! *CLOSED*


It’s that time again!! So, do you remember a few weeks ago that I did a post about Chicoro’s “Lead Hair” Theory? Well, get this! She liked our discussion so much, she sent me four copies of her popular and acclaimed book, Grow It! How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to Maximum Lengths in the Shortest Time!

I was stunned when she commented on the post and reached out to me! Then, when she offered to send me books for a giveaway (and one for me to read:), I was even more blown away! I LOVE doing this:)!!

Well, the books have arrived and I have three to give away this month. In order to be entered for your chance to win, all you have to do is send me one of the following by October 31st!

  • STYLE TUTORIALS – Love ‘em, want ‘em, need ‘em. If you are an aspiring, amateur hair stylist with great hair and greater styles, please share!! I’d especially love some tutorials for short and medium length hair as I often get those requests, but cannot accommodate them myself. So, send me a bulleted picture or video tutorial of your fabulous style for inclusion in the “Style Library!” Please use the subject, “Style Tutorial.”
  • REVIEWS – Did you try an amazing, lackluster or absolutely horrendous product, tool or accessory recently? Do you have a holy grail product that just doesn’t get enough shine? Then send your in your Rant or Rave (include the ingredients list for product reviews, please!)! Please use the subject, “Review.”
  • HAIRSTORIES – I still have a few more of these to post, but the coffers are starting to get low! So, if you haven’t sent in your story yet, now is the time! I’d especially love some Transition stories as we haven’t had one of those! There are not set questions for the Transition story, so go wild! We would especially like to learn and see what styles work best for you and how you manage the two textures (products, care, etc.). Please use the subject, “Hairstory.”

So that’s it ladies!! E-mail your Style Tutorials, Reviews, HairStories and GOC entries to hairscapades@gmail.com for your chance to win one of three copies of Chicoro’s Grow It! And don’t forget to include pictures!! Oh, and as an added bonus, I’ll include a bottle of one of my staples, Vatika oil! So, get your entry in now!

Good Times, Good Times


No, I did not pose for this picture! LOL! I’ll tell this story in a minute. But first … we had a lot of fun on Saturday at our little mini NYC Meet-Up :)! It was an absolutely gorgeous, summer day, despite the fact that it is fall:)!! So, it was the perfect day for an NYC outing! First, we checked out the small Tim Okamura exhibit, Brooklyn•Bronx•Queens, at The Lyons Weir Gallery. Then, we chatted over a nice lunch at a local restaurant and finally, we continued to talk as we took a walk to Circle of Sister at the Jacob Javits Convention Center (which we decided to forego after seeing the line to enter, which we would have to wait in AFTER waiting in the line to buy tickets!).

Heather, Robin, me, Shana (my sister) and Miche'al. (Not pictured, as he was taking it, Weusi. :))

The exhibit was very small, about 8 or 9 paintings, but the pieces were gorgeous. The artist’s use of texture, color and brush work were beautiful and gave his images and subjects so much dimension. I particularly loved his treatment of the lips of the women as they looked so alive and beautiful. I would really love to see this full series exhibited somewhere as I can imagine it would be enthralling with all of the paintings displayed around one room.

Now, on to the story of the first painting. So, we are walking around and a young man catches me off guard when he says, “Is that you?” I’m like, “Huh?” as I look around and then understanding dawns upon me. The woman in the picture does bear an uncanny resemblance to me, though, not an exact likeness. Everyone agrees and we start laughing as I advise that the young man that the woman is not me. But, of course, I couldn’t resist taking the above picture of me striking the same pose in front of the painting:)!!

It was really fun meeting Heather and Robin for the first time and Miche’al for a second. I hope you ladies enjoyed the day as much as I did! And, I hope to meet many more of you at the CurlyNikki Meet-Up on the 20th! I have a feeling that the event is going to be CUR-RUR-RAYY-ZEE!! But, I am so looking forward to the madness (which is so not like me as I’m such a homebody!)!!

Well, with that, I’ll leave you with a few more pics from the gallery. Enjoy!

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