September Update: Jasmine


Here’s our first September update from Jasmine of the Fifth Wave!!

Jasmine AKA CurlsDivine

August just went by like nobody’s business and now we are at the end of September. My goal is still to have APL hair, and so far so good. So here’s some new stuff I’m doing this September.

My Routine: 

  • Pre-Poo with Vatika oil Fridays (new).
  • Wash & Deep Condition Saturday (new: I skip the regular condition, rinse and just keep in the conditioner I’m using for my deep conditioning.)
  • Apply leave-ins & moisturizers. Allow hair to dry.
  • Style: (mini-twist-new) and seal with coconut oil.
  • Wear style from Saturday – Thursday.
  • Release twist Thursday or Friday and Repeat steps.
  • Henna once a month

I love this hairstyle. I wake up in the morning and go. I mean, of course I have on my silk bonnet, but to do nothing to your hair all week is great. This is my secret to attaining that length I want in January. I do have a wedding to attend in October, so the style is still to be determined. I’m thinking my flat-twist out or a braid-out. So yeah, we’ll see how much growth I will have in October. Wish me luck!


Y’all already know that I’m jealous of her lush twists!! LOL!! Gorgeous Jasmine! And Rece, don’t worry, I told her that she’s going to have to tell you what she used for her WnG! Can you believe she said that she hates IT? You’re crazy Jazz;), because you curls are LUSCIOUS!!


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  1. Yesssss!!! You already knowwww that was going to be my first question!!! LOL

    I love your twists tok Jasmine. They’re like the perfect size and I like how the ends curl up so much.


  2. BEAUTIFUL curls! I wish I could twist Sunday-Thursday but mine just aren’t thick enough and my ends don’t stay. I think it’s because I need a trim. You’re doing a great job. You will reach your goal in no time.


  3. Hey Ms. Shelli…As Promised. I used the Aubreys Organics B-5 Design Gel for my WnG. I seperated it in sections and ran a good amount of the gel in each section. This is the results after it was dry. The reason I don’t really care for a WnG is because it takes my hair “Forever” to dry, I hate shrinkage like a mutha, and cause I was heavy handed that time, it left a big a white flakes. The pictures make my curls look really good, but when I was looking in the mirror I didn’t see all that. I guess I just like my hair to hang like a braid-out of twist-out. I get so bored with styles, I switch up so much people don’t recognize me. So yeah, it’s now October and I’ve been doing braid-outs and twist-outs. Thanks Rece and Valencia. You ladies help to keep me going.


  4. Your hair is really beautiful every which way. Didn’t I see you on Curly Nikki with a flat twist out to die for? I think I ran to try a flat twist-out after seeing your feature one weekend, but it was a huge fail!


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