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September Update: Josie


Josie, of our newly added Tenth Wave, tells us about some tweaks to her regimen, gives us a review of some new product acquisitions and discusses her challenges and successes!

So, for my first update, I have a few tweaks to my regimen. First I bought 3 new products that I am in the process of trying. My first product was the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, which did a pretty decent job in making my hair soft, but the smell was WAY too strong for me. It reminded me of men’s cologne and the musk smell those products usually have. It also seemed to take a decent while to rinse out, and I don’t know if that was because I may have been a little heavy handed or what. Fortunately, the smell went away after a day but it was a little unbearable. I think the next time I try to use it, I might dilute it a bit.

My second product was the Aussie Moist Conditioner, and I used a few of my oils and some honey to create a deep conditioning recipe that turned out great!

Deep Conditioner Treatment*

2 tbsp Aussie Moist conditioner
1-2 tsps Olive, Jojoba and Castor oil
1 tsp honey

*pH for the conditioner ends up around 5.5

As soon as I put it onto my hair, it was incredibly soft, and it smelled great. The few tangles that were left after finger detangling loosened up and, after having it sit on my head for 30 mins, I almost didn’t want to rinse it out! But it rinsed out fairly easily and my hair still felt much better than before. So, this is definitely about to become my staple deep conditioner. Also, next time, I might heat it up for a few seconds just to get some additional heat to the process.

The last product that I have yet to try is the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner. I used to use another Cantu product that I really enjoyed, but I just haven’t been able to find it lately, so I figured I would try this out soon.

Yesterday I decided it was time to trim my edges. My hair had been feeling rough and I know that I struggle with SSKs. I tried to do a search and destroy, but my hair is at that awkward length. So, I can’t really see it all too easily to cut. So, I just did a dusting and my hair felt much better afterwards with no real evidence of length lost.

Styling wise, my hair was pretty much totally under wraps, except for my one lucky attempt at a pin-up style. I alternated by week from twists to braids and just kept them under my silk bonnet and beanie majority of the time. I think I’m going to stick to braids, and maybe make them a little smaller, because I have a lot of new hair growing and it makes for fuzzy twists. Another thing about twists is my hair is super prone to locking and I can’t afford to keep twists in any longer than about 10 days before they become really difficult to detangle.

A few issues I have hair-wise are:

Pin-up styles: I would love to do pin, tuck and roll styles, but a lot of the times, my hair just won’t cooperate. If I manage a pin-up style, it is usually a fluke and I would like to get better. So any tips in that area would be greatly appreciated!

Patchiness: I like the ease of putting my hair in twists or braids. But then I feel bald when I try to style the twists or braids because of all the scalp I can see, mainly due to the fact I have very fine strands. My solution to this problem is that I’m going to take the Henna plunge! I recently bought a couple of boxes from Mehandi.com and hopefully they will arrive soon, I’m anxious to try it. I mainly want to see if it will help with my thin hair and also add a little more shine.

On the workout front,  I did pretty well, actually better than I expected. For the past two weeks, I have been sick one way or the other. So, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up my goal of working out 2 times a week. Yet, I stuck with it and did my early morning 5 min. intense Pilates workout and also ended up doing a 30 min workout later in the day after my classes a couple times. My biggest triumph was, one day when I had horrible cramps, not only did I wake up at 8 and workout, I came back after class and worked out in my room for a solid 30 mins. I think that’s what helped me feel better in the end. The only tweak to my workout regimen is that I am not running, because I forgot that I busted my running shoes 😦 and have yet to buy another pair. So, it’s mainly pilates and some circuit training (with no equipment) that I do after class.

My goals for October with my hair are to maintain my hair regimen and to test out henna and my other leave-in product I bought. For my workout regimen, I want to possibly add another workout day to my schedule of Mondays and Fridays and to consistently workout both in the morning and after classes.


I love your twists and beanies Josie! And sounds like you had a great month! One thing in regard to henna, it probably will not help with your twists or braids as it doesn’t add density to your hair, just thickness to your strands. So, it could make your hair look thicker loose. But, it probably won’t help with styles involving parts and braids/twists. 

We need some shorter hairstyle tutorials guys! Don’t worry, that’s something I’ll be seeking as part of our new giveaway, which will be announced in the next couple of days:)!

September Update: Jasmine


Here’s our first September update from Jasmine of the Fifth Wave!!

Jasmine AKA CurlsDivine

August just went by like nobody’s business and now we are at the end of September. My goal is still to have APL hair, and so far so good. So here’s some new stuff I’m doing this September.

My Routine: 

  • Pre-Poo with Vatika oil Fridays (new).
  • Wash & Deep Condition Saturday (new: I skip the regular condition, rinse and just keep in the conditioner I’m using for my deep conditioning.)
  • Apply leave-ins & moisturizers. Allow hair to dry.
  • Style: (mini-twist-new) and seal with coconut oil.
  • Wear style from Saturday – Thursday.
  • Release twist Thursday or Friday and Repeat steps.
  • Henna once a month

I love this hairstyle. I wake up in the morning and go. I mean, of course I have on my silk bonnet, but to do nothing to your hair all week is great. This is my secret to attaining that length I want in January. I do have a wedding to attend in October, so the style is still to be determined. I’m thinking my flat-twist out or a braid-out. So yeah, we’ll see how much growth I will have in October. Wish me luck!


Y’all already know that I’m jealous of her lush twists!! LOL!! Gorgeous Jasmine! And Rece, don’t worry, I told her that she’s going to have to tell you what she used for her WnG! Can you believe she said that she hates IT? You’re crazy Jazz;), because you curls are LUSCIOUS!!