Workout … Yeah … Right.


by W e u s i

My theory was this …

If I didn’t get a healthy portion of exercise from my everyday movements, then I just wasn’t gonna do it.

The idea of taking time away from the work of everyday life, and from working to implement my own dreams, to exercise/work out seemed crazy to me. I always told myself that working out is for people that were vain and were only worried about being attractive to others. But, I soon noticed that many of the people around me were hella cool people … and they worked out. And then IT happened …

I met a sister who enjoyed working out. (Ok … for real, I fell in love with this sister!). It allowed me to see how she loved the process and the outcomes from it. I learned to respect and appreciate it. BUT … I was still like … WORKOUT … YEAH, RIGHT! Nah … not ya boy!

Then she told me that she wanted me to work out because she wanted me to be healthy. In my mind = “Oh, wow … the woman I love wants me to be here.” That’s when IT clicked … I wanted to be here for the woman I love.

So … this is just a quick note to say … continue with those health and fitness goals that you have set! You will feel spiritually and emotionally better for being able to bring joy to those that you love … and those that love you will appreciate the work that you’re doing to show your love for them!


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    • I know, right Viv?! When he showed it to me, he said, “It’s corny, right? It needs something.” I was like, “No! It’s sweet and ends perfectly.” He fought me on the exercising thing, but he asks every morning if I worked out … I think it helps motivate him when I do … when I’m not, I get a little annoyed because I’m like, “What are you trying to say?!?” LMBO!!! But, he asks all of the time, so it’s obvious I’m defensive because I feel guilty and know I should be! LOL!!


    • Katina and Miche’al, show your men this post;). Maybe it’ll help them get it. I just nagged him about it mercilessly about it and once he saw me doing it and losing all the weight, “getting sexy” as he calls it;), I think he felt like he had to do it. So yeah, the being healthy so you’ll be around thing had something to do with it, but he also didn’t want to be that dude where people say, “Why is she with HIM?!” LMBO!!


      • GG, you won the Qhemet Biologics on CurlyNikki!!! Congrats fellow PJ:)!!! LOL!! And I can’t e-mail or FB mssg you, so I hope that you’ll see this!! That message thread is so long, I don’t know that you’ll ever see a comment from me on there. But, I’ll try:)!


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