Fitness Challenge Within A Challenge


My before (Dec. 2010) and after (June 2011). I don’t want these to become reversed!!

If you follow my Hairscapades Facebook pageyou may have seen a few posts over the last two days declaring my intentions to exercise and confirmation when I did so. You see, the thing that helped me when I was doing the Kim Coles’/Curly Nikki GOC was no longer effective. Now that I have a “real” blog, I’m even more blog obsessed than I was back then with writing for it. I also feel an obligation, though one that I love, to provide you all with (what I hope is) quality content on a regular basis. That being said, I was not following my self-inflicted rule that I wasn’t allowed to blog until I exercised.

Well, after a horrible month of not exercising at all, allowing a lot of things to fall by the wayside (like laundry and housecleaning *smh*) and eating biscuits like they were going out of style over my long vacation weekend (Biscuitville is for real?!? Oooh, and I had this DEE-licious sweet potato waffle w/a maple and almond butter smear!! It was slap you momma in the face good!!), the scale glared 124.5 pounds this past Tuesday morning. I was as low as 118.5 in August and my GOC goal is to maintain my weight at no more than 120 lbs!! Frickin’ weighed in at almost 125?!? Yeah. So, I made a conscious decision to regain focus and structure to my life, including my diet and my exercise regimen. This is the plan.

I am on the computer every morning with my coffee. I wasn’t doing my sit-ups because I didn’t have enough time to do them before getting ready for work.

Rule #1: I must be off of the computer by 6:45 am so that I can do my 10 minute Abs of Steel video 5-6 days a week.

When I am going through stints of inertia, I’ll usually think every morning, “This is the day! I’m working out when I get home today!” And then, by the time I get home from work, I’m mentally exhausted and that energy and fire that was there in the a.m. hours is completely gone and I end up sitting on the computer (it used to be the TV … my how times have changed! *lol*).

Rule #2: While I’m on the computer each morning feeling motivated, I will proclaim my fitness intentions for the day on Facebook and Twitter (ex. “Day 3: Abs of Steel in the a.m., 30 min. on treadmill after work.”) . Then, I will post when I’m done. In the words of my sister, “The shame of not doing what I said I was going to do will motivate me to actually do it.”

I work out at home most days of the week now. However, after a long day at work, home can be a quagmire of distractions and a sloth peddler. You get in, start looking at mail, turn on the TV or get on the computer, maybe put on some comfortable clothes (i.e. pajamas) and, before you know it, it’s 8 pm. Who wants to exercise then?

Rule #3: Change into exercise clothes, including sneakers, immediately upon arriving home after work. Even if I don’t work out IMMEDIATELY after changing, this helps me get into the mindset that I will be working out. (This really worked for me earlier this year, which is when I began working out at home for only the second time in my life.)

Being exhausted is not good for the metabolism nor to staying motivated to exercise.

Rule #4: Bedtime is no later than 11 pm when I need to wake up by 6 am. (Need to heed my own advice as given in this post.)

Now to the idea that prompted the title of this post. Many of our GOCers have fitness goals and several of us have been struggling with meeting them consistently. So, I’d like to propose that those of you with fitness goals join me in Rule #2! That is, post on YOUR Facebook page and/or Twitter, for all your friends and followers to see, your exercise intentions for the day and then post when you’re done. To help motivate the “Hairscapaders;),” it would be great if you commented on my “Intentions” post too, so we can see how many of us are in this together and can help keep each other motivated! And, you don’t have to be in the GOC to join in the fun!! Please join us if you need help staying motivated to exercise! You know, the holiday season and cold weather are upon us! Let’s tell that Winter Weight, “No! Not this year! I’m not hiding under layers, I’m just keeping warm with them!”

(p.s. Tuesday morning, after one day of exercise, I was down to 123 lbs. Excess water weight loss, but weight nonetheless!)


So, there you have it! Who’s with me?!?

*looking around*

Anybody, anybody?

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  1. Count me in..especially since you informed me that my ‘leg crosses’ were not considered exercise *wink*…I am revamping my schedule this weekend so that I can get back into my fitness routine…sigh…this is gonna be PAINFUL!


  2. I’m with you!!!!!! I need to make sure my but is in bed by 11am to accomplish this all! I am too busy catching up on my DVR shows, I’m like 2 weeks behind. When I get home from work if I don’t exercise right away I loose that drive so changing into my clothes is a great idea! I need to get some 10min exersice thing like you so at least in the mornings I can do something! Oh well…… I’m ready!!!!! : )


  3. Awesome guys!! That’s two? Who else?! Do I have three? Now Three? Who’ll give me four?


    Oh, and Miche’al, yeah, changing into my workout clothes (and the key is the socks and sneakers) as soon as I get home really works great for me! It really seems to trigger a mind switch. I can only remember one time when it didn’t and … I may not have put on my sneakers! I usually will work out within 30 minutes of that as I try to get it in immediately. But, my friend does it too and she has two kids and can’t work out until after 8 pm. But she says that putting her workout gear on as soon as she gets home puts her into that workout state of mind so that she gets it done, even though she can’t exercise until after dinner.


  4. I’m 3! I’ll post on your FB. Everything you said hit home. I get up early but only to catch up on YouTube, since it’s the only spare time I have. I get home too late from work to attempt evening workouts, but I’ll do it in the morning. Thanks for this post- I have a cruise next year to get sexy for and I needed a kick in the behind… 🙂


    • Thanks Viv:). I was looking 3 months pregnant over the weekend!!! But, working on getting them back by the CurlyNikki Meet-Up, though no one will see them but me;).


  5. Sounds like a plan! I’ve found that it’s better to wake up early and work out in the morning because there’s just too many other things to do later in the day! This way I wake up and just get it over with and it’s one less thing to stress about. The bed by 11 will probably help the early morning wake-up call too!


  6. I need to figure out what else I need to do. I already go to the gym most days out of the week doing weight training and cardio (I’m up to 7 pull-ups in a row, 365 lbs on the leg press and 100 lbs on the bench, etc.). I don’t want to overdo it…

    I guess I could use more stretching, maybe take a Yoga class.


    • Uh, yeah, Carla … you don’t need any help being motivated;). This was for those of us who were slacking, like me:). Dang, 365 on the leg press?!? I can’t remember how much I was doing at my peak level of fitness on the press, but I know I was deadlifting and squatting about 220 lbs and it’s been a decade or more since I was doing that! I’ve lost interest in the gym for now … like the convenience of working out at home and I NEVER thought I would say that! I was one who had to go to the gym immediately after work because, once I got home, that was it. But, not having to worry about packing a gym bag in the morning and unpacking my clothes to hang up when I get home is awesome. And I am so looking forward to my first Winter not having to leave the gym all sweaty and freeze to death on the drive to get home? So looking forward to that!!

      Oh, but back to your exercise routine, I love hot yoga! It improves my performance in everything else!! That’s the plan for tomorrow! Day off from abs and hot yoga at 6:30.


  7. I’m totally down! I can’t bring myself to work out once I get home so I do my routines early in the morning. My gym’s a ghost town so I can get in and out faster. What helps me is just having my gym bag ready (weight gloves, iPOD, water bottle, underwear, protein shake, etc.) so I just grab it and go. ~ Icela


    • Kendall and Icela, Working out in the morning is probably the best for that very reason … it gets done and you don’t have to worry about it or being exhausted later. Unfortunately, not all of us are morning people;). I DESPISE working out in the morning unless it’s a Saturday. If I have to go to work, it’s not happening. If you’re morning people, you can post your intentions for the morning the prior night. That’s what my sister was doing that prompted the quote from her above:).


  8. I am inspired by what I see here. I slacked off and put on 8lbs in no time. Unacceptable. A lot of it has to do with me trying to find a way to not have to wet my hair every day, but I think I’m going to have to accept that my hair requires some true work. Here is a little inspiration for others that my sister sent me this afternoon. These athletes are truly is top form.

    I just want to be somewhere on the same planet as these athletes with my body:


  9. Hi Erica! I did a post on that!:

    But, essentially, I wear updos or twists most of the time. I do have to usually re-set them in the morning. But, I have to do that when I haven’t exercised the day before too. I try to keep my updos pretty quick and simple so that they don’t require any more than 5-10 minutes to do. And 10 is only when my hair is not being cooperative. Ultimately though, you will have reduced style longevity when exercising and sweating regularly. So, you kind of have to make a choice about what’s more important to you. For me, being in shape and healthy is more important than the perfect TnC most times. However, on some special occasions (and it’s important that I make them rare), I might re-arrange my workout schedule to safeguard a style for an event. But, for work? They get what they get:)! LOL!


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