UPDATE: Okamura Exhibit & Mini-NYC Meet-Up


If you remember, about a month ago, I wrote about the NYC exhibit of Tim Okamura after learning about it from Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes. I suggested a little gallery viewing and lunch meet-up.  When I asked who was interested and what date would work best, several of you responded and the consensus was October 8th. Well, that date is fast approaching. Therefore, I just want to confirm who is planning on attending our mini NYC Meet-Up so that I can make an appointment. I would like to make it for 1 pm, so if there are any objections, let them be known now or forever hold your peace ;). Oh, and afterwards, we can grab lunch nearby and enjoy a conversation about … what else?  Natural hair:)!! Hope to see some of you there!!

10/7 UPDATE: It’s a go guys! I called the gallery on Tuesday, no appointment necessary. So, we’ll be meeting at the gallery at 1 pm and we’ll grab lunch afterwards. Anyone know of any restaurants in the area? Oh, and if you didn’t respond, you can still come hang with us if you are in the NYC area!! Can’t wait!! See you soon!

Lyons Wier Gallery

542 West 24th Street (between 10th & 11th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

Hours: 11 am – 6 pm


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      • It’s all day. They open doors at 9am I believe and run til 10pm. I’m just going as a spectator so I’ll get there whenever I get there. If Tiffany’s a vendor she has to be there all day. I was a vendor a few years back but it’s gotten too expensive. $1500 for 2 days when I did it.

        I’m going on Sunday too 🙂


  1. Yes, I am still interested. I may be late, 30 minutes are so, as I am taking a class earlier in the morning. Thanks for the reminder.


    • No I sure didn’t. I just realized I never gave her my address LOL but she didn’t ask for it either so I assumed she got it off my website.

      Shelli, do you know?

      Tiffany, will you have a table there or just spectating?


        • She said within a week but who knows. Maybe we should email her the address?

          i don’t know if I’ll make this event or not now. I don’t want to overwhelm myself running around. I’ll see. It’s walking distance from JJ so if i feel up to it, I’ll come. If not, see you all on 10/20!


  2. I was waiting to see if I could get someone to go with me because NY traveling and I don’t mix! I don’t know my Eastside from my Westside or my downtown from my uptown! Well I guess I will be solo and driving. See you gals there!


  3. I will be coming from the Westechester/Bronx area and will be driving so if someone is interested in riding together, let me know.


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