My First HBCU Homecoming!


Tailgating in two big twists and my Threadmill beanie. It was cold!

So, I just returned from a long, 4 day weekend with Wei in North Carolina. He spent his formative years there and went to Winston-Salem State University. So, he wanted to take me home to his roots and an HBCU Homecoming. You see, I attended Princeton, an HNBCU (Historically NON-Black College and University! LMBO!!), so I’d never experienced this type of event.

I had a great weekend meeting his friends and family and spending Saturday at the parade, football game, tailgating and an after party. Here are some pics from my weekend (with commentary, of course;).

Getting caught trying to get the car shot of the beanie and twists:)!

They ain't playin'!

Now THAT is a gas face!!

Working the curly ponies!

So cute!

Took this one for my hat loving Nan-nan.

What the ... what?!?! Still haven't figured out if this was a weave, a wig or growing out of his head!

Getting their step on.

This was my favorite costume.

Starting to sense a pattern here ... what is up with the matching wigs?!?!

I hope that she had some sneakers stowed in that skirt as that parade route was loooong.

There go those matching wigs again!

... and again.

This is just unbeWEAVEable! *LOL* I'm sorry, I had to say it!

And the finale after party. He asked me to wear a bun because he likes seeing my face:). Awww!

And finally, on a hair-related side note, I also had to resist my PJ ways. We went to a beauty supply store that had an awe inspiring array of products, including this Taliah Waajad display, of which I just had to get a picture! Despite drooling, I walked away without buying a thing except the jumbo eye pencil sharpener which necessitated the trip. Aren’t you proud of me ;)?!?!


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  1. Awwwww looks like so much fun! An you two are sooo cute together 🙂

    P.S. matching lacefront wigs=SMH

    P.S.S. that dude with the long hair= Really tho…SMH *walks away wondering what the world has come to…*


    • Thank you Leah! I think so too;).

      p.s.: Girl, I was looking around like, “What the fa la la is going on around here?” Then, when we got back to Wei’s parent’s house, I started to say it to his mom and she finished my sentence!! But, the hilarious part is, she said she never thought about it until I was beginning to point it out!! LOL!!

      p.s.s.: Wei’s side eye was so far, it was behind his head! LMBO!!


    • Yea!!! Thanks Yirssi! That’s what I was going for and hoped that it wasn’t too long with so many pics! But, I wouldn’t have been able to give the commentary in a slide show or gallery!

      As to my major, I was a Visual Arts/Art History major. Unfortunately, my profession isn’t the slightest bit artistic! But, seems hair and blogging have become my current creative outlets:).

      Btw, I saw your Natural Hair Story on! I assume that it was you because of your unique name! I meant to comment, but see now that I didn’t! Great job and your hair is gorgeous!!


      • No, it wasn’t too long at all. I absolutely loved it!

        And yeah, I think in a way blogging can meet, SOME creative outlets. And even though it can be a lot work, it is also a lot of fun!

        Yeah, it was me. 🙂 Thank you on the hair, but you are one to talk! To be honest, when I look at yours I get some hair envy! It is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. LOL at all those wigs. You are like me in the sense that whenever I go out and see black females, their lace fronts, weaves, and wigs always catch my attention. You looked like you enjoyed your weekend. Aww that’s so sweet, the beau likes to see your face.


    • Girl … I am soooo obsessed with hair!! I swear, that’s all I did 90% of the time! Seriously, at the after party, there were a couple of women that I wished I’d had the nerve to walk up on and ask for permission to take their pics! This would have been a much cooler post!! I need to get some business cards for Hairscapades so that I won’t seem like a complete nut job when I start stopping people on the streets;)!! LOL!!


  3. What a cute story! I really enjoyed the pictures- thank you. Looks like you had a great time. Glad you had a chance to experience all of that :-0


  4. Lol your so funny. I too went to an HBCU Delaware State University D-S-U I thought you knew it ! I was also in the Marching Band I played the sax, Im a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority INC. And Ive been know I grace some homecomming floats in my day !.
    You guys are a very beautiful couple. Love the bun (my husband rather me wear corn rows so he can see my parts ) WTF?? LOL My homecomming is at the end of the month but Im not going cause thats my anniversary weekend. Where did you and your boo meet in NJ I assume? But this was a great story.


  5. Thanks Denise!

    Tiffany, if I knew, I didn’t remember;). Weren’t you talking about going to homecoming as a GOC goal, or am I thinking of someone else? Well, hope you have nice plans for your anniversary!! And thank you so much:)! Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the compliment! I love me some him;). And no, we met about 10 years ago now in NY while he was working as a production assistant and my friend was “talent” taping for an episode of Def Poetry Jam. We were loose acquaintances for 8 years. But then, in 2009, we were both at the National Black Theatre Festival in NC (again centered around productions in which both he and my friend were involved) and the sparks flew. We’ve been together ever since:).

    And, he likes to see your parts?! LOL! That is too funny, and cute!! LOL! Wei mostly doesn’t care what I do with my hair. But, at the BSS, I told him I was thinking about trying a half wig as a protective style for Winter. He was silent for a moment or two, but then said, “I don’t think I’d like that.” LOL!!! I really did want to try one on, but know fake hair skeeves him out, so I opted to wait for a day that I’m alone;).

    LOL @ Michelle. We get that a lot:). He told me that his mom’s been telling people he’s getting married … he said, “Can I get engaged first?” LOL! Anywho, we’re working on it;).


  6. LOL . No rush to get married. My husband and I will be married for 3 year with 2 kids (you do the math)lol Its seems like we been married forever. Yeah homecomming was my goal but maybe next year. I dont know something about the neat ness of corn rows smh, . My husband and I went to the same school I was in the band with his brother but didnt meet hime until I had graduated and we ended up working at the same group home , He said he used to see me on campus and I was funny looking lol.


  7. lol! This was hilarious! I can answer your question about the “matching wigs”! I was a majorette in college. The coaches want everyone to be “uniform” from hair to shoe so if it was agreed on weave/wigs/whatever, we all wore the same thing! lol


    • Glad that you enjoyed it Chanda:)! Okay, this is the thing, I’ve seen matching “HAIRDOs,” I get that! Everyone wears a bun or a ponytail or two ponytails … with their own hair, length, texture. But the IDENTICAL wigs?!?! Too much for me girl … too much! LOL!!


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