The Rundown


Hi guys!! I know that I’ve been a little MIA this week! It’s been super hectic and I’ve been traveling. But, it’s the end of the month and I wanted to make certain that I reminded everyone that it’s time for a GOC check-in!! I did HORRENDOUS this month and don’t believe I exercised once :(. Hurricane Irene came and I had to move a lot of items to the middle of my basement (on my exercise mats) to get them out of the line of fire … or water, as the case me be:). Never moved anything back *smh.* I had to get my homeowner’s insurance and the condo association in to check out the damage and didn’t report everything immediately. So, didn’t feel like moving stuff back and forth for them to appraise and photograph the areas. Yeah, I know, excuses, excuses … especially since I could have gone to hot yoga.

Aaaaanywho, in regard to hair, my regimen remained essentially the same. But, I did try a few new things this month and that’s what I want to focus on for my end of the month update.

ZIZYPHUS: As most of you know, this is an ayuverdic herb that I tried this for the first time about two weeks ago to restore curls lost to henna. I posted about it here if you missed it. This stuff is a frickin’ BEAST to rinse, but it WORKS!! I’ll definitely use it at least one more time (as I have enough powder left for another application:). The reason I may not use it regularly is that I don’t think that it has a cumulative effect, nor will it make hair curlier than it naturally is. However, I will research that a little more … might even call if I can’t find any information online. Regardless, I probably could incorporate it monthly or bi-monthy as I believe that it acts like a clarifying shampoo. So, it removes the product build-up that can reduce the spring of curly hair and dull its appearance.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVOO): Yeah! You see, I’ve added EVOO to my DCs. But, this month, I tried EVOO in my pre-poo and to seal for the first time thanks to GOCer Rece of A Hair Story! I use Vatika oil for my full length, but was applying JBCO to my ends as well as they’d been feeling a little rough. However, it didn’t seem to be doing the job. Rece always speaks so highly of EVOO and after reading this post on BGLH that indicated that olive oil also penetrates slightly under the cuticle layer, I decided to use it on my ends instead. I definitely noticed a difference in the softness the wash day after making that change and will continue to use that instead of the JBCO for my pre-poo. In addition, I tried EVOO for sealing my twists too and am not hating it:)! I’m thinking of mixing JBCO with equal parts EVOO for sealing in the future. I’ll let you know how that goes.

QHEMET BIOLOGICS COCOA TREE DETANGLING GHEE: I picked this up (or, should I say, had a friend pick it up for me;) a couple of months ago after reading the repeated rave reviews of CurlyNikki. I tried it and gave my first review here. I wasn’t really impressed with it. I’ve used it a couple of times since and have had mixed results. Then, I used it again this past week on my twists and think that I’ve finally figured out when it works well for me. I tend to apply different products throughout the week. There is no rhyme or reason to this. I just grab whatever moves me in the morning when I’m re-styling for the day. When I used different things throughout the week, the Detangling Ghee would make my hair tacky and weighed down. However, this week, I only applied my modified Kimmaytube leave-in (only 1 tsp of oil) and JBCO on wash day (this past Saturday). Then, when I did twists on Sunday night, I used the Detangling Ghee to re-moisturize after setting the twists and EVOO to seal. Throughout the week, these were the only two products that I applied to my twists. My hair stayed very soft, smooth and non-tacky. So, I think this is the key to using this product for me.

So, I definitely think that I’ll be incorporating all of these things into my regimen going forward. I also need to regain focus in my life. Between the demands of work and maintaining the blog, I’ve allowed a lot of things to fall by the wayside. I know I need to compartmentalize the blog more as I have no choice with work. What I mean by this is that I need to have a certain time blocked for web surfing and working on posts for the site each day (research and writing) and not go beyond that. My house has been a complete wreck for a month and I haven’t exercised because I’ve allowed “hair” to take over every free minute of my time. I work and blog. Seriously, I can’t even focus on my shows anymore!! This is crazy to me! I was a serious TV head! Nothing interfered with me watching my cartoons or Sci-fi shows! Now, I have fifty billion episodes of Avengers, Thundercats and Alphas on the DVR waiting to be watched because I can’t seem to focus for 25 minutes straight on anything but hair sites anymore! I constantly have to pause the TV to get on the computer!! SMDH!!! I know, sad. I need to regain focus so that I can watch TV!! Anyway, I need to do a far better job with limiting the time I spend on blogs and that means focusing on doing what I need to get done instead of just lollygagging around the hair sites and YouTube and my site stats when I need to be writing. Therefore, in October, I will be getting myself back on track by making a schedule for the things that I need to accomplish. I’ll share that with you soon.

So, what new things did YOU try in September? What are you keeping and what are you discarding? What did you learn that you need to do better, if anything? Don’t forget to send your September GOC Updates and picture(s) to me at!


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  1. Ummmm… I don’t think I’ve written an update post for you yet. My blog has been taking over.

    That EVOO is great to me! It’s my fav oil. It’s not as heavy as JBCO, but I recently mixed both also. More EVOO than JBCO… and some other stuff. Lol. Yeah, I bought a new bottle of JBCO since the mishap with the last once.


    • No, you haven’t! LOL! Why don’t you just do one on your own blog and send me the link so that I can post here? And you finally broke down and got some more JBCO, eh? The funny thing is, I was thinking of making a 50/50 mix to mask the overt olive oil smell of the EVOO, but many people can’t stand the smell of JBCO! I also just really like JBCO, so mixing the two, I hope to get the benefits of both … plus, it’ll make the JBCO go further:).


  2. These twists look SO plush! Considering giving this Zizyphus a try but I dunno. I will find somebody’s camera and send it an update next week. Oh, and are you talking about the new Thundercats? I’m getting tired of all of these remakes so I have been boycotting. lol


    • Thanks Valencia. Yeah, I’m impressed with the Z-stuff. If your curls have been looking a little lackluster, you may want to give it a try. I know, the rinsing issue discouraged me too, but, I really do think it was worth it now! And yes, the new Thundercats! I felt the same as you, but I try to give each cartoon at least one shot. I wasn’t blow away by the hour premier, but I thought that it was pretty solid, Lionel was likable (which often isn’t the case anymore with these “teen/tween” driven characters) and it seemed like they were laying a foundation for a real plot line. Well, I only set the DVR to tape the first hour ep and didn’t realize this until about 4-5 episodes into the thing! Then, I started reading and hearing good things about it through various friends. So, a friend sent me a link to a site where I can watch the missing episodes online and then I can watch the later ones that I have DVRd. The fare is so bad out there, but again, I try to give most things a chance before writing them off. Though, I’ve been writing off a LOT in the last couple of years … Wolverine and the X-Men anyone? Ugh.


  3. I wanna try EVOO so much. I cant wait to see how my ends are fairing when I take these braids out. I clipped them for the first time earlier this month b/c they were a lil on the rough side….well a lot actually. lol All those others things you mentioned Shelli, r so foreign to me. Need to do some research. What is JBCO??

    Oh yeah, ur twists look nice. I noticed a lil frizz. Does that bother you?? I always feel that when my twists are frizz that that part of hair is unhealthy or unnourished. Just wondering if im just a worry wort….


    • Hey Kish Kish … no, the frizz doesn’t bother me as I think it’s just the nature of the beast for many fine-haired curlies. For me, I don’t think that it has anything to do with the health of my hair, it’s just finer hair can be more flyaway. So, I just live with the frizz:). I pull it back, smooth it and tie it down at night and re-do with some product in the morning. But, it always start getting frizzier by mid-morning. However, it’s just something that my hair has always done … that’s why getting relaxers was pointless for me most of the time because my hair would still always frizz. So, I’m used to it.


  4. I love using EVOO! I use it for everything- cooking, detangling, fluffing, etc. It has really helped my hair with maintaining softness and sheen. If I add it to my DC, I can also detangle with it to save an extra step. To me, it’s not as heavy as avocado oil, or as greasy as Jojoba oil. Last month I started using it in a homemade mix for oil rinsing to help combat those SSk’s and so far so good. It really does absorb well into the hair because as thick as it seems, my hair is never greasy. (Just my tub.)

    This week I switched it up and experimented with jojoba oil to see if I was missing out, and although I have a better sheen, my hair is not as soft.


  5. I have neglected a lot in my spare time also. My mind is CONSTANTLY thinking about things I can do to my hair, new products I would like to try, and on and on, all day everyday. Then I would stalk natural hair blogs and YT. So sad. I need a hobby. Lol I gues this is my hobby it kinda keeps me sane, or does it? Are ther and anonymous addiction programs for my condition? Lol. No joke. Haha. See I’m insane.


  6. Nothing much has been going on here. Same ole, different day! 🙂 My hair is boring now that I have been protective styling but I’m getting out of that funk with Shelli’s help. She has the most wonderul up-dos. EVOO is the best to instantly replace your regular oil that you may run out of. I just run to the kitchen cabinet and grab my bottle. I wanted to try the Qhemet Glee but everytime I go to order it, it’s sold out. Did your friend get it in NJ, Shelli? I also have been watching a lit of YouTube and want to try Naptural 85’s wet and go technique.
    As for diet and exercise I have been craving some Micky D’s fries and my favorite cookies! But I’ve been good. With my busy schedule I am only able to exercise 3 days out of the week, it’s better than nothing. I hope everyone had a great month!


    • Hey Miche’al. Yes, there’s one store in NJ that sells it and it’s in Maplewood, near where my friend lives. Maybe I can get her to pick up another jar and I can give it to you at the CurlyNikki meet-up on the 20th. Oh, and are you still planning on going to the gallery on October 8th? If so, I can get it to you then. I need to do a reminder/confirmation post about that to get the number attending and RSVP. And good job with the exercise and healthy eating!! You are doing far better than me!!


      • OOOHHH! I would really appreciate thatt!!!! I’m trying with the healthy eating and exercise, temptation is getting the best of me. LOL!! From what I saw you look fabulous so you can afford to skip a few exercise sessions and indulge a little.


  7. I’m finding that the Vatika oil is all my hair needs. No breakage at all! Boo ya! lol

    I also loaded up on my Zizyphus. I bought 300 mg LOL.

    Here are the new products I tried:

    1) Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel (It’s ok. Not as thrilled as others. I think my hair prefers a creamy based product)

    2) Suave Captivating Curls (great for smoothing frizzy hair)

    I also did the curlygirl method of defining my curls and it didn’t come out as planned but then when I reread the book I realized I did it all wrong LOL! I didn’t define each section as I smoothed it. I just ran my fingers through at the end.

    Here are my new buys but have yet to try:

    1) Shikai Every Day Conditioner (using this weekend to do the curly girl method again)
    2) HE Touchably Smooth Conditioner (will use this weekend as a rinse out
    3) Aussie Moist Aussome volume conditioner (I did dab a little on the ends of a braid and let sit over night. I think my hair will love this stuff. Curled the ends right up and it was super smooth!)

    I also bought some new products by Goodie: Ouchless bobby pins (had to reload. No clue what happened to the other 50 LOL), banana clip to add to the other 5, elastic bands for the ends of my twists

    OK so does this count as my monthly update? I got nothing more to share…at this time 🙂


    • LOL!! Yes, this can count as your update;). Have you done a satin scarf braid out again? And, you are a PJ for real!! I feel bad because I’m not really reviewing much of anything because I’ve really curtailed my PJ ways (though they were flaring up today as I was in a BSS to which I’d never been before and they had all kinds of goodies!!). Ijust thought of something, can I share your review of the JBCO protein conditioner? That might be a good review/update:). Happy that the real Vatika oil is working for you. I gave some to my sister the weekend of the Sofistafunk party and she used it last Saturday. She loved it! Henna was loosening her curls, but after pre-pooing with the Vatika, they bounced right back and her hair was so defined and shiny!! I had 2 boxes of the oil that I got for the delayed meet-up. She took 3 of them!


      • LOL no. Tell her she stole my Vatika oil!

        You know I ordered another bottle of Vatika when I ordered the Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil. The jury is still out on the oil. I’ve only used it twice (it’s on my head now for the 2nd time). I figure there’s no sense in wasting shipping on just one product so I bought more Vatika LOL.

        Yes, you can share the JBCO post. I got my mom onto it and she’s loving it! She also bought the red pimento oil. I think I’m turning mom into a PJ! LOL.

        On another note, I started a 31 Days to Pampering Series on my blog just today. It’s part of a bigger journey with a bunch of other bloggers. Everyone is writing their own 31 Days to …… fill in the blank. One lady is writing a 31 Days to Prayer. I’m following that one. Especially now. My grandmother’s back in the hospital.

        Last, monthly I’m doing a Bare Your Beauty link up on my blog. It’s still up if you want to link to one of your beauty related posts 🙂 It is here:

        I’m going to let other bloggers link to their posts on the last Friday of each month. It’s a great way to find new blogs to connect with.

        OK I’m going to wash my hair now and do me some Zizyphus before going to see grandma and church!


        • Oh I forgot to answer your question about the satin braid out. I have not done another one yet. I’m trying to wait til this crown grows down more. My hair is doing really well now. No breakage at all.

          And I’m still waiting for my t-shirt to arrive. When it does I’ll send you a first length check pic for the lead hair tracking.

          Oh shoot I have a hygienist appt at 2 also. Gotta go!


          • Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother Michelle. I need to follow the prayer one too. I don’t pray enough and I need to get back into church and start reading my bible. I’ve never been disciplined about that at all and feel the need for it more and more. I was raised in the church and have been away from it for far too long.

            Okay, cool about the t-shirt length check. I think I need someone else’s pics too. I have to go through my e-mails. Again, it’s just been very rough keeping up lately!


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