File In: Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!


*Jaw on the ground*

I am so late on this and most of the videos were pulled before I discovered the atrocity that appears to have been a natural hair series on TypeF, Tyra Banks beauty site. I actually submitted a post to them for consideration a few months ago at my sister’s recommendation. It was The Banana Clip: Who Knew!? post. Never heard back from them. But, they post this?!?!?! Look at the model’s face!! She goes from smiling to an expression of dawning horror … it’s that look we all get when we KNOW something horrible is happening and we are paralyzed from action! She should have stood up, ripped the brush out of his hand and whacked him across the head with it!! Or at least rapped his knuckles with it, “BAD STYLIST, BAD!!!” I know, I know, violence is never justified nor right!!! But, there is so much wrong in this video, I don’t even know where to begin!! I … I … I … just can’t! This is absolutely unbelievable!!

Have you seen this mess or any of the other videos that were posted, but since removed (Thank you CurlyNikki!!)? I have a horrible feeling that this was the least of the offense that was done to good natural hair care!!

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  1. I saw a few snippets of those horrible videos and honestly I think the videos were done as a joke. I also believe they were done to steer up trouble among the natural hair community, and it certainly was quite effective.


  2. I have seen the complaints about this on different sites but I never looked into it. I just tried to watch the video but it has been removed. I am kind of glad.


  3. I saw one of the videos, but not the one you reference. The one I saw was pretty bad. I’m transitioning, and thanks to good videos and information that’s out there, I knew better than to take that advice. I see now that they have another sister on the TypeF site that talks about natural hair — I don’t know what they did with the first one.


  4. OMG!! They snagged it. Lord, let me try to describe. Girl with long, natural, wavy to curly and unstyled, somewhat wild hair. He proceeds to pull out his tools: 2 clips, which he never uses, a vent paddle brush, a nylon bristle brush and the requisite “products,” which are from Mizani. He proceeds to begin brushing her DRY curls to “detangle” it. I guess I can say that he started at the ends and explained not starting at the roots … but really, who cares, you are BRUSHING DRY hair!! After he starts brushing her ends, as an afterthought he says, “Maybe we should apply some detangler” product … I don’t think he applied it to her hair though before going back at it!! So, he keeps abrushing and her mouth is open, eyes wide … you can hear the brush tearing through her hair and he had the nerve to say that you should brush from the ends to prevent breakage that would occur if you started at the roots. Really, REALLY?!?! Maybe you shouldn’t be BRUSHING her DRY curls!!! So now, he’s tortured her strands to the point he puts her hair in a ponytail in his hands and hair is frizzed and flyaway … they cut to her hair all slicked down and smoothed into the ponytail!!!! They didn’t even show what he did to get it there or the products!!! He just has the nylon brush out now saying to brush down those flyaways, get them down. Then puts her hair int he elastic and says it’s not tight enough, so use a bungie around that and get it “REAL tight … well, not too tight.” *looking around to see if anyone else sees this* …. THEN, he puts gel on her dry ponytail and COMBS through it!!!!! The horror you guys … the HORROR!! I don’t want them to pull these down because these so-called “stylist” need to be exposed for the sham that they are!!! These are the people who give stylist a bad rep as they are only concerned with making hair “look” good in the moment and not actually taking care of the health of the hair. It was horrendous. My sister mentioned that they didn’t have an option to leave comments when it was up. I wonder why … NOT.


  5. Shelli,

    The link does indeed work and the subject video is there for all to see in its glory! The horror is as you have described. It appears to be a lesson in all things wrong. For the life of me, I can’t understand the objective of the video series. It appears to be product endorsement (Mizani) driven. All the videos in the series have a Mizani solution. BTW, the same model that was featured in the “ponytail” video is also the subject of the “How to Care For African American Hair That Is Experiencing Breakage” video. Poor girl needed help after that disaster of a ponytail experience at the skilled hands of the celebrity stylist — NOT!

    ~Rhonda C


  6. Yeah. I just went to the site and the video loaded after a commercial. All I can say is, Why the heck did she sit through that abuse? I would have leapt out of my seat the moment I heard my hair tearing under his brush. He completely shredded her ends. That’s just too bad. I was looking for a section to leave a comment, but couldn’t find one. I would have slammed the site for posting this video. That stylist just looked all out of sorts. Is this the best that Tyra could afford? Shame on her.


  7. Noooo!!! I watched it and this was SO much worse than I expected. I bet she lost a few inches off of this one ‘ponytail’. She is so pretty with beautiful hair too. He didn’t know what he was doing at all! This was wrong from beginning to end. And the stylist looked especially pleased with himself too.


  8. Oh yeah, he sure didn’t use those clips that he pulled out. I thought that he was going to use them to section. There wasn’t a single finger part made during the whole process. Dry brushing without even attempting to section. And those little finger curls he added to her ‘afro ponytail’ at the end…WHACK! Ever heard of clumping, good buddy? This was the absolute worst.


    • I can’t … I just can’t … “Afro hair?!?!?” How the frick is that “afro” hair?!?!? OMG, this is absolutely unbelievable!! And did you see how frickin’ lopsided her “afro” was when he was done??? He’s putting wet product on a rod set … that side was reverting!! At first though, I really thought she had on a wig! It looked so fake on her head! Yeah, TypeFAIL is right. I’ve heard that several times since I learned of this mess. They should be embarrassed!!


  9. I saw it. No comment.

    How did you submit your post to Type F? I checked and it appears you have to write for Demand Media (which I already do) to be able to have your blog considered.


    • No, I just went to their site and found some address that looked like it was for submissions and e-mailed them. Based on what I see now though, doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing anyway!


  10. Well, Tyra does not have natural hair so what can you expect? She has too many resources to allow this to pass for proper natural hair care and manipulation. Shame on her!


    • Yeah, this is a DEFINITE, “Shame on you” moment for Tyra. The videos are laughable to anyone who knows anything about natural hair care. The sad thing is, some poor newbie might stumble upon the videos or go to TypeFAIL as a reputable sight and be sorely led astray and, more importantly, do irreparable damage to their hair. It’s just reprehensible that she allowed this type of uninformed and irresponsible material be shared on her site as instructional!


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