Daily Archives: September 28, 2011

File In: Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!



*Jaw on the ground*

I am so late on this and most of the videos were pulled before I discovered the atrocity that appears to have been a natural hair series on TypeF, Tyra Banks beauty site. I actually submitted a post to them for consideration a few months ago at my sister’s recommendation. It was The Banana Clip: Who Knew!? post. Never heard back from them. But, they post this?!?!?! Look at the model’s face!! She goes from smiling to an expression of dawning horror … it’s that look we all get when we KNOW something horrible is happening and we are paralyzed from action! She should have stood up, ripped the brush out of his hand and whacked him across the head with it!! Or at least rapped his knuckles with it, “BAD STYLIST, BAD!!!” I know, I know, violence is never justified nor right!!! But, there is so much wrong in this video, I don’t even know where to begin!! I … I … I … just can’t! This is absolutely unbelievable!!

Have you seen this mess or any of the other videos that were posted, but since removed (Thank you CurlyNikki!!)? I have a horrible feeling that this was the least of the offense that was done to good natural hair care!!