Dare I Say It?


Are my twists looking … plump?!? Okay, this is just a really quick post. I just took these pics this morning and you can tell I was in a rush as you get to see the towel and robe in the picture (I usually try to eliminate the more overt indications that I’m in the bathroom, though there is no hiding the reality;). I went through my wash day rituals on Saturday, ultimately putting my hair in 6 twists using a modified Kimmaytube leave-in (only 1 tsp. of jojoba oil – no other oil) and hit the sack. I was in South Jersey for a special youth program at my childhood church, so I had to release the twists before they were fully dry the next morning. I left them essentially undisturbed so that they could finish drying. As it was humid, my hair proceeded to get larger and larger over the course of the day. If you know me, you know that I don’t mind this as I like big hair and “swelling” makes my hair look thicker (didn’t have my camera, so didn’t get any pics of my big hair, but should have some from others eventually).

3/12 UPDATE (got a couple of pics finally;):

That's my sister and her fab curls directly behind me.

This Junior Choir reunion was so much fun:). I'm 2nd row, left.

By the time I got home, I had GI-normous hair (essentially, I was in church from 11 am to 6:30 pm, except for a lunch break, and then had to drive the 2+ hours home)! I thought, “Time for some twists to control this mop.” My hair was so voluminous, I was able to do 15 plump twists!! I never do that many twists for a twist-out re-set as it wouldn’t create enough curl! But, my hair felt so thick and springy!! That zizyphus really worked!! I am sold! It’s a nightmare to get out … I was shaking it out of my hair for 3-4 days! But, I can’t argue with the results! I will say this, the ends of my twists are anorexic looking in the back (I curled three in the back with a flexirod last night as they were hanging low; have a roller on the right side twists now as you can see they are hanging too low too). Anyway, I am seriously wondering if this could be lead hair, if it’s due to regrowth after my excessive shedding last year or if it’s breakage!! I would usually be soooo tempted to cut these ends. But now, after learning of this theory, I am trying to figure out how I can test it out without straightening my hair! I think I’m going to continue to Search and Destroy and hold out on a “salon” trim until the end of our challenge.

Okay, I don’t have time to get into this right now as I need to get ready for work. But, just wanted to get a post in for the day! I’ll be busy tonight working up some other items for you this week, including a Now and Then post! If you didn’t get your pictures in to me, don’t forget! I received a few and everyone is sooooo cute!! Love it!!

With that, I’ll leave you with a few more pics. Oh! And I’m including a few random pictures of my MopTopMaven earrings for Michelle!! She asked to see these a while ago, so I took pics back in July but never got around to posting them. Then, I wore them last week with my fishtail braid, so figured might as well post the pics now. I really do love them!


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  1. yes, they are luscious!

    I bought the hair measurement shirt I’m too lazy to make one. When it arrives I will take my starting pic and be your lead hair experimenter.

    also, I bought Terry LaFlesh’s book on the curlygirl method. I did it yesterday but dang it almost 12 hours later my hair is still wet! I’m not giving up on the technique yet. I think I really OD’d on conditioner. I’ll try it again this weekend with less.

    On another note, my curls were defined (even the ends!) but because it was wet, I just bunned it today.


  2. Looks great! I didn’t get that types of results, mine were okay. Maybe I should try again. It was humid this weekend in Monmouth County. I use curlformers, went to a football game and when it was over I looked like the lion from The Wiz.


  3. re: lead hair… i don’t think you have to cut it. if it’s breakage, it’ll continue to break therefore it will stay the same length or shorter. if it’s lead hair, it will continue to grow (faster and longer). so maybe, just baseline the length now and see what happens in a few months.


    • Hey misha- breakage doesn’t necessarily keep breaking. i flat ironed my hair once a week which led to breakage all the way down to my root. It was about 2 inches long. I stopped flat ironing in April. That same hair is now 6.5 inches long and it’s not getting shorter.

      I think that once a person stops doing damage to their hair, the hair can recover. I have only dusted my ends once this year and then I cut an inch on what could be my lead hair (not hair that was breaking). Apparently, there’s this section of hair at the bottom of my head that grows like weeds, yet unevenly. It’s crazy. One side was 2 inches longer. The shorter side I sleep on. Hmm i wonder.

      anyway, that’s my 2 cents 🙂


      • Michelle,
        This is great advice! I use to think that the same that once my hair started to break it was all down hill from there. But just like you have said, once I started taking care of my hair it grew. Yes, I still had ragged ends but it grew. So I guess I can say I was doing the “lead” hair method and didn’t even know it.


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  5. Wow henna has severly loosened your curls , especially assuming your curl pattern must have been to a certain degree similar to your sisters , how many henna treatments / how long did it take to alter your hair like that ? sorry i am only asking because i am convincing my sister to stop relaxing her hair , and she saw your hair and said she would stop if her hair can look similar to yours;
    both you and your sister have beautiful hair though =D


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