Bam, Zap, Kapow!!


Okay, okay, okay … The New York Comic Convention (NYCC) is around the corner!!! I’m so excited!! I’ve gone to it every year for the last three or four years and it’s always a great time. A while back, I did a post about getting a comic-inspired headband from this Etsy shop, Janine Basil. Well, I need to order one soon or it won’t get here in time!!! But, I need your help!! I can’t decide which one to get!!! So, POLL TIME!!! LOL!! Here are the five that I’m eyeing. Picture them with a messy, banana clip bun, maybe with the front left out and pinned back for even more messiness. Which one do you think that I should get?!?!

*I like this poll style as it is very Sin City-ish;).


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    • Hey Chandra … that’s what I thought when I first saw the WW stars. However, that’s what makes it not entirely authentic to the event and it doesn’t quite proclaim “I am a comics fan. Hear me ROAR! Or should I say, KAPOW ;)!” LOL!! Thanks to everyone who is voting!! I’ll have to make a decision in the next couple of days and, of course, I’ll be taking pics for you guys:).


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