CurlyNikki NYC Meet-Up: RSVP Now!!


This is a Public Service Announcement!!!  If you are planning on attending the CurlyNikki NYC Meet-Up on October 20th, RSVP now! Space is limited! So, get yours in today at: Hope I’ll get to see some of you there … ‘cuz I got mine in before I wrote this post*!!  LOL!!

*Special thanks to GOCer Etoile for giving a sista a heads up!!



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    • It just seems to be first come, first serve. So, I’m taking it that you’re fine if you were able to RSVP. I would think that they would shut it down once they reach capacity numbers.


  1. I rsvp’d weeks ago but I ddn receive an email confirmation or a ticket of any sort. I just received a confirmation on the naturallycurly website. Do I need a physical ticket to get in?


    • Oh no Shirvonda:(. Yes, you need a physical ticket to get into the event. They were sending e-mails to people who RSVPd to give them a barcoded tickets or telling them they were over the limit. But, I’ve read others indicate they didn’t get any e-mail at all and they RSVPd. Nikki is going to a spot after the event (check her site) so that she can meet people who can’t get into the Meet-Up. Maybe you can go to that?


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