Angled Cornrow with Bun


This is an oldie that I pulled out of the crates;). It’s been an exhausting two weeks at work, so I haven’t been up to doing a lot of posts. However, I wanted to make certain that I did at least one a day. Opened the X-Files to find something I thought you guys might like:). This is another Lililith Moon inspired protective style that I did with a twist by adding a bun at the end of the braid. This was done on hair stretched by a TnC and I’m pretty sure that I used Kimmaytube leave-in and Wonder Curl Butter Than Love for the set. I used a hair stick to accessorize it (Got this one from LongHairGirl. They have a lot of really cute hair sticks). I think that this style can be done on shorter or medium length hair too. If the tail of the braid isn’t long enough to bun, it could just be tucked and pinned back into the end of the cornrow. Use a flower or decorative hairpins along the top of the braid to add interest.

Here are some more pics from different angles (sorry, none head on):

And here is the “inspiration” video:


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    • Krystal, I have several Lilith Moon inspired styles on here. She does some really cool, but simple updo styles. I had trouble finding tutorials on protective styles for longer natural hair. So, I just started searching for “buns for long hair” and came across her. Found so much more than buns and I always check her out to see if there are new styles posted that I can do on curly hair. Most of her styles I do on hair that’s been stretched, as I indicated above. Have fun:)!!


  1. Most beautiful hair that God will watch as we say here in Venezuela … You know you want to know that the hair will grow so rapides, also noticed in some pictures of you of course you had less hair in the front as you did to make you grow more hair? …. Ahhh thank you very much hope that understand what I write what happens is that I’m doing with the help of google translator = D


    • Awww, gracias Blanca :). I understand most, but not all of your questions. I think the translator may be wrong in some parts. Do you mean that my hair wasn’t as long in some pictures and it got longer? If so, I do a few things to protect my hair so that it doesn’t break off too much. I wash it weekly. I deep condition it weekly. I keep it moisturized. I protect it at night with a satin bonnet and pillowcase. I keep the ends of my hair tucked and protected 5-6 days out of the week.

      If you want, you can write in Spanish. I have a friend who can help translate it for me and help me write a response in Spanish. Yo hablo un poquito espanol, pero no entiendo todo. Asi, necessito ayuda!! šŸ™‚


      • Que bella gracias no pense que responderias tan rapido y si tienes razon el traductor como que falla me imagino que por la dramactica del ingles… Lo que quise decir es que tienes una cabellera muy linda y que DIOS te la guarde como decimos aqui en VENEZUELA…. Y mi pregunta era que en tus fotos mas antiguas tenias menos cabello en la parte de adelante osea a los lados como encima de las orejas y luego en las mas actuales tienes mas osea te crecio quiere decir que anteriormente se te cai nose quizas por los tratamientos, alopecias, etc… te pregunto esto porque quisiera saber como hicistes para que te creciera ya que yo actualmente estoy sufriendo de caida del cabello muy difusa pero caida al fin y la razon creo que es el estres =( … Bueno consegui tu blog porque sigo a DailyCurlz por el facebook y encontre un comentario tuyo ahi y bueno jejeje Ha sido muy interesante saber que existe una comunidad en cada rinconcito del mundo dispuesta a mostrarse y disfrutar de su cabellera rizada, ondulada o afro….


  2. Hi again! Okay, so I wanted to make certain that I understood your question before I answered:). My hair actually is like that near my ears. It is finer and not as thick (dense) near my ears and at my nape (neck). So, I didn’t have any hair loss there. I think the braid in this pic just makes the different texture more noticeable. I also may have just done a henna treatment.

    However, I did shed a lot of hair at my nape (neck) a couple of years ago and I think I have been able to get it to come back some. This is the post I did on it and what I use (an essential oil mix):

    I also did this post with some suggestions for regrowing a bald spot, which can also apply to thinning hair:

    One thing though, until you relieve the source of your stress or find a way to cope with it, none of this may work too well. Stress can really cause hair loss and you have to address that first. I’m sorry that you are going through this and I know that it doesn’t help the stress:(!! I hope one of these posts (or both) help.


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