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CurlyNikki NYC Meet-Up: RSVP Now!!


This is a Public Service Announcement!!!  If you are planning on attending the CurlyNikki NYC Meet-Up on October 20th, RSVP now! Space is limited! So, get yours in today at: http://www.naturallycurly.com/giveaways/enter/cn-nyc-meetup/. Hope I’ll get to see some of you there … ‘cuz I got mine in before I wrote this post*!!  LOL!!

*Special thanks to GOCer Etoile for giving a sista a heads up!!




Now and Then!!


I’ve been wanting to do this ever since the beginning of our GOC in August. It seems many talk about wanting to get their hair back to the state it was when they were little and their hair was long, thick and luxurious. Some had curls, some had braids, some had puffs, but most remember their hair as healthy, prior to the relaxers, dye jobs, flat irons, blow fryers (stole that from somewhere), etc. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have a post with pictures from our youth showing that hair?? Now, mind you, my hair was baby fine back then, as you can see above. I never had super long hair, though I never had a problem with growth or length retention (I was always able to reach about APL, I guess). However, my hair was always big, due to frizz and the inability to hold a curl … which is why it often ended up in a ponytail or French braid from the first time I got a relaxer at 13 until I graduated from high school (except for a brief stint with the Wave Nouveau. The stylist put it over a relaxer, which resulted in my hair breaking and a short cut eventually … yeah, some of you remember the Wave … admit it. *lol ;)) . I remember my mom saying, “You have to set it every night to train it to hold the curl.” Yeah … ummm … no mommy … that’s not working. My hair was untrainable:/. LOL! I know now that this is just a trait of fine hair and also related to porosity.

Anywho, before I go off on a further tangent, back to the point of this post. What do you think guys? Fun idea? Will you share your childhood pic(s) with us? Send your “now and then” pics to me at hairscapades@gmail.com and we’ll see our hair in all its glory, past and present!! Depending on how many I receive and when I receive them, I’ll do a single posts or multiple with batches of photos. Feel free to tell us a little something about you and your hair too!!

Angled Cornrow with Bun


This is an oldie that I pulled out of the crates;). It’s been an exhausting two weeks at work, so I haven’t been up to doing a lot of posts. However, I wanted to make certain that I did at least one a day. Opened the X-Files to find something I thought you guys might like:). This is another Lililith Moon inspired protective style that I did with a twist by adding a bun at the end of the braid. This was done on hair stretched by a TnC and I’m pretty sure that I used Kimmaytube leave-in and Wonder Curl Butter Than Love for the set. I used a hair stick to accessorize it (Got this one from LongHairGirl. They have a lot of really cute hair sticks). I think that this style can be done on shorter or medium length hair too. If the tail of the braid isn’t long enough to bun, it could just be tucked and pinned back into the end of the cornrow. Use a flower or decorative hairpins along the top of the braid to add interest.

Here are some more pics from different angles (sorry, none head on):

And here is the “inspiration” video: