My First Ever Fishtail Braid!



I did it!! It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I did it! Thank you YouTube!! I have admired fishtail/herringbone braids since I was in middle school, but never knew how to do them. Last year, I watched a few videos on the technique and realized it was really very simple. But, I never got around to trying to do the braid. Well, after Rece commented on my post yesterday to say that I should try it, I thought, “Why not?” My hair was stretched relatively well, so it was doable. I will say that I need to be more careful next time as I had more breakage than I like. I think my hair was a little harder than normal from the Zizyphus. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think my hair felt heavier and thicker because of it. It’s just that I’m not used to my hair feeling rigid/firm and with all the separating of small sections and my fine strands, I should have been a little more gentle. I tell you, I hate to EVER hear a pop anymore and I heard a couple doing this and saw the shorter, non-sheds that were the proof in the pudding. I winced to see them. It’s styles like this that make me think about using heat to straighten my hair as it would be easier to braid. However, the moment is always fleeting. Right now, I really have no interest in straightening my hair as the effort required to do so is just too time consuming.

So, that’s it. Seems to be a style week, eh? Here is another pic of the braid and the YouTube tutorial that I watched last year to learn how to do them. This is another non-Black, non-curly haired YouTuber. However, I think it’s sometimes easier to see braided styles demonstrated on straight, light-colored hair in videos. The hair is very reflective versus absorbing the light like dark, curly hair. But, I love our dark curly hair:)!! Oh, and she uses extensions to do this!! I ain’t mad at her! LOL!

Oh, and this is the picture of the style that I saw on CurlyNikki last year that prompted me to search for a tutorial! LOVE it!

UPDATE: If you see the comments below, I took out the fishtail at work and bunned my hair until I got home. Then I did a side fishtail braid. LOVE it!!! It’s out already because my head is sore and I think I’m going to pre-poo tonight in preparation for a wash tomorrow. But, I am sooo going to do this again next week if my hair is stretched enough to do so.

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  1. Looks great.
    On another note, I didn’t have any rigidness when I used Zizyphus. Did you use your HH afterwards?

    I did that style in the last pic at the beginning of this year. I love it but definitely can’t wait to have more length to do it again.

    I pre-pooed last night so today’s a bun day! Have a great day!


    • I rinsed with water, then Aussie moist then DC’d with Darcy Botanicals and applied diluted AM before rinsing. I think it was partly related to the fact that I still had zizyphus IN my hair!! And thanks!!


  2. This looks SOOO beautiful!! I guess I have been a little quiet lately, now that I think about it. Best believe I am here EVERYDAY! lol There’s another hair site that I used to go to every morning, first thing. Shhhh, you have taken her spot. LOL (but I still visit there too)


  3. You did it!!!! I love it! It came out really niIiiiiiiice! I think your hair grew a lot more, even since your last length check! When was that? Is it time for another one? I’m curious.

    (sorry for all of the exclamation points, I’m overly excited right now. Lol)


    • Really Rece? You think it grew even more? My last length check was at the end of July. I only do an “official” one every three months. I figure, 1 1/2 inches I should be able to see. I periodically pull a section and look at where it falls. But, it looks the same to me. I still feel I might need to dust my ends … but, just really don’t want to do it myself. Maybe after my length check at the end of October. Actually, I still plan on getting twists in November. So, I’ll probably keep S&Ding until then and will do a blow out for the twists and get a trim. Maybe … *lol*


      • Yeah, I think it grew more! I dunno. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. LOL. What’s S&Ding?

        You should try it again with the braid in the front. That style is HOT! Again, you make me miss my long hair. Now I have to live vicariously through you. =)


        • Searching and Destroying … seriously, do you come around here;)? LOL!!!! I’m just messing with you! LMBO!!!

          Thank you! I really like it too! Definitely going to do it again. May wear it for a church thing (junior choir reunion for youth church program) this weekend. I’m sorry I make you miss your long hair, but I’m happy that you can live vicariously through me until your hair is this length the same time next year (if not sooner ;).


  4. Shelli,
    It looks great. You did a great job. I think I would have to do this on a stretched out curl for sure. I tried after a TnC and it just was too thick to lay flat.


    • I think that you could still do it now. Your shortest layers stretched look like they’d be long enough to go into a fishtail to me. I want to see your cornrow styles though! Do you do them yourself or do you go to someone? How long do they last?? Are you just getting your hair cornrowed or using added hair. I know some people don’t like added hair, but I’m all about it sometimes :). Like I said in the post yesterday, I’m going to get me some more so I can rock some of those bun styles!!


  5. Congrats on getting the hang of it! I remember that CurlyNikki photo caught me too! (But you know me… I’m too easily discouraged) BTW, I *did* go to the 1000 Days of Hair site – it’s like bun heaven!!! I easily spent an instant 30 minutes looking around her site… great stuff that I’d *love” to try. (But you know me… I’m too easily discouraged. LOL)


  6. Thanks everyone!! Leah, there is a tutorial! LOL!! I guess you want ME to do one, eh? LOL!! Sadly, I actually took it out at work because I was pulling at long hairs that were sheds and then I didn’t want to rip hair. So, I took it out and put it in a bun until I got home. Then, I did it on the side. It looks really cute and I’m going to update this post with those pics … they might be here by the time you read this. But, I didn’t film it. It’s out again … My scalp feels sore and I think I’m going to pre-poo tonight for a wash today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow). But, I’ll be doing this again for sure!! So, I’ll film it next time! It is very easy.

    Mickey, you are HEE-larious!! You need to stop being discouraged. Again, I wished you lived in the area so that I could play in your hair!! LOL!!


  7. Love love love it!! Thanks for posting the tutorial video. I’ve always wondered how to fishtail braid and you’re right about being able to see it better on light, straight hair. I’m going to give this a shot today as my hair is already pretty stretched. Speaking of stretching, how do you stretch your hair? Banding? Braids? I haven’t had much success with braids and was thinking about trying banding. However I’m not sure whether all that manipulation will cause a lot of breakage…please help!


    • Awwww, thanks!! I stretch with a Twist and Curl or twists on a WnG. I’ve never tried twisting and haven’t used braids for stretching. The TnC set stretches by way of the twists and the roller set. There’s a tutorial under the Style Library>Down and Out. That’s the style upon which you first commented that I talk about in my “Curly Nikki NYC Meet-Up Updo:).”


      • Thank you so much, Shelli! I’ll have to try the TnC for stretching then. And I tried the fishtail braid but my hair wasn’t stretched well so I didn’t do it right. I agree with you – I’ll have to do it again when my hair is straightened. But at least now I know how to do it – thanks 🙂


          • No problem, I gotcha 😉 Is there a reason you haven’t tried banding? Are you afraid of causing damage? I see women using these Goody hair ties that are made out of some sort of soft cloth material, and they say it’s supposed to prevent breakage, but I’m not used to using hair ties…


            • Yeah, I don’t like using elastics/hair ties on my hair. It’s so fine and with the length, it gets wrapped around the elastics when I’m removing them and I inevitably rip out hairs. That’s why I’m such a fan of the banana clip.


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