Twists and Bun


I definitely think the Zizyphus gave some juice back to my curls. But, wasn’t feeling the twist out. It was very piecey and the right top part is still just wavy.

That’s just the texture of it. So, when I released it, I decided to try this bun style that I saw on Her Best Hair Monday night.

I was like, “How cute!!” I figured it was a French braid down the middle that turned into a regular braid and was wrapped around the bun. Well, I parted out the front section of my hair … VERY carefully, gently separating tangled strands and ends … and started to try a French braid. Ummm … yeah … not happening. So, I decided to go with a flat twist instead, which became a regular twist on the loose ends. I pushed the flat twist forward a little to create some volume before securing with bobby pins. I then parted the triangle like sections on the sides and did my best simulation of flat, two strand twists. I took the remaining hair and put it into a mid-height ponytail using a satin scrunchie. Then, I twisted it (not a two strand twist) and wrapped into a loose bun, securing with hair pins. Next, I pulled the two thin, side twists back towards the bun and wrapped them around the base. Finally, I wrapped the big center twist around the bun and secured it with a few more hair pins.

So, speaking of buns, I just discovered a blogger who makes me want to grow my hair to TAILBONE length (TBL) so that I can do all of her amazing bunned styles (the funny thing is, when I wrote this, I didn’t know that she was at TBL when she started the blog!)!! Be prepared to be wowed by the fifty eleven billion bunned styles you are about to see at 1000 Days of Hair!! I think I need to buy me some more braiding hair;)!!


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  1. Your hair looks super shiny! I like the styles that Her Best Hair does. Her YouTube videos are also quick and simple. I’m about to go check out 1000 days of hair. I hope there are styles I can do with my short hair. I’ve been bunning all week!!!


  2. I guess not! What’s TBL though?
    You should try the herringbone. I remember doing that when I was younger. I think we called it a fishtail braid or something like that.


    • LOL! Yeah, I need to be getting ready for work, but was going through her buns, and saw your message pop-up in my e-mail. Nothing for short hair. TBL = Tailbone Length. *lol* That’s why I said that I need to get some more braiding hair. I may not have hair long enough to do most of the styles, but I can BUY it!! LOL!! That’s what Lilith Moon does. She has these clip ins that she uses when she’s doing styles that require longer or thicker hair:). Again though, you’ll be there in no time … of course, no time is never fast enough!!! Because, I’m sitting here thinking … dang, it’ll probably take at least a year for me to get to hip or TBL! Yes, somewhere in there she indicated that the herringbone is also known as the fishtail braid. I want to try it, but I need to make sure that my hair is really stretched.


  3. That is a cute style. I definitely try 1000 days of Hair. I need inspiration for protective style. For the life of me, I can’t style at all. Love the red highlight.


      • You are hilarious. LOL! The link is right in the post at the end:). Just click on it. And yes, she’s white, but the link I provided in the post is a row of pics of different bun styles. You can click on the name of the post on top of the pic to find a description of how she achieved each bun.


  4. What is really interesting to read is how she uses coconut oils to oil her hair every other day, does deep treatments, pre-poos … etc. I’ve learned this through other sources, but the techniques and styles that help us retain length are the same, regardless of color and texture. Curlies have to be more careful due to the more fragile nature of the hair strand, but many of the key elements (careful detangling, oiling, conditioning, protective styling) are the same across the board. I believe that there is something to learn from many different sources. I’m just bummed that she hasn’t blogged since March as I’d love to ask her some questions about her regimen!


    • Hi Tricia, sorry, I already took it down! Also, I very rarely take pics looking head on! LOL! My face always looks funny to me when I try to take pics of myself that way. Also, there isn’t much to see from a head on shot with pulled back hair. You don’t see much hair. This had a little poof from the front and slicked side. That’s it. As to products, I had used some DevaCare One Conditioner as my leave-in on Monday to dry. Then sealed my ends with JBCO. I used a little Eco Styler olive oil gel mixed with shea butter to smooth my hairline and that’s it.


        • I’m a PJ Tricia, I use everything sometimes!!! LOL!!!! I still have the Healthy Hair Butter. Sometimes I use that, sometimes I use shea butter, sometimes I’ll use SM Hair Smoothie … just depends on what I’m feeling that day. Right now I have a huge tub of shea that I only use for this purpose, so that’s what I’ve been grabbing lately. But, the CD HHB is right on the bathroom sink countertop in easy reach if I feel like using it instead.


  5. I really love this look, it’s just my kind of style. I used to think most updos were so matronly but you have certainly thrown that wrong assumption out the window. The elegance, the flirtiness, oh my! Lovely.

    I’ve actually started wearing a few “fake it till you make it’ updos myself thanks to you, and I love them. Just wait untll my hair gets longer… 🙂


    • I LOVE that you are gaining an appreciation for updos and protective styles Viv!! I remember you saying that you wanted length to show it off and now you want it to do updos! I feel the same way to some extent! My goal for growing waist length wasn’t necessarily to show it off, but more to see if I could reach it. But now, it’s so that I can do more elaborate updos and buns!! I’m just soo excited about being able to wind my hair around three times to make a big, bodacious bun!! And now that I’ve discovered 1000 Days, I really am going to be counting the days, weeks, months, years until I can get there!! No, I can’t do that, but I am really excited. LOL!!

      And, I need to see pics missy!! You’ve been wearing updos and haven’t sent me any pics?!?!? I need you to get on that ASAP!!! LOL!! But yeah, seriously. … *lol*


      • I will I promise! I took some pictures but I’ve been super busy at work lately, and haven’t had time to write out an update post for you. (I must have drafted one in my head a dozen times now.) I’m absolutely loving the ideas of updos. My hair in the back is starting to get caught up in my necklaces and I’ve had moments when knots formed from it rubbing on my sweaters. As short as it is, it amazes me how fragile our hair is to do that so easily. But I’ll get on those photos as soon as I can. 🙂


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