Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Twists and Bun


I definitely think the Zizyphus gave some juice back to my curls. But, wasn’t feeling the twist out. It was very piecey and the right top part is still just wavy.

That’s just the texture of it. So, when I released it, I decided to try this bun style that I saw on Her Best Hair Monday night.

I was like, “How cute!!” I figured it was a French braid down the middle that turned into a regular braid and was wrapped around the bun. Well, I parted out the front section of my hair … VERY carefully, gently separating tangled strands and ends … and started to try a French braid. Ummm … yeah … not happening. So, I decided to go with a flat twist instead, which became a regular twist on the loose ends. I pushed the flat twist forward a little to create some volume before securing with bobby pins. I then parted the triangle like sections on the sides and did my best simulation of flat, two strand twists. I took the remaining hair and put it into a mid-height ponytail using a satin scrunchie. Then, I twisted it (not a two strand twist) and wrapped into a loose bun, securing with hair pins. Next, I pulled the two thin, side twists back towards the bun and wrapped them around the base. Finally, I wrapped the big center twist around the bun and secured it with a few more hair pins.

So, speaking of buns, I just discovered a blogger who makes me want to grow my hair to TAILBONE length (TBL) so that I can do all of her amazing bunned styles (the funny thing is, when I wrote this, I didn’t know that she was at TBL when she started the blog!)!! Be prepared to be wowed by the fifty eleven billion bunned styles you are about to seeĀ at 1000 Days of Hair!! I think I need to buy me some more braiding hair;)!!