My Hairstyle Dilemma!!


I mentioned a couple of times that I had a styling issue last Thursday in my preparations for the NYC Sofistafunk After-Party and Fashion Show. See, what had happened was … I had put my hair in 8 large braids on Tuesday to try to get a nicely defined braid out like the one from the prior week. I rolled my ends on flexis the first night and I kept my hair in the braids for 2 days, spritzing with distilled water in the morning and evening to encourage a firm set.

Well, on Thursday morning, I released the braids … to be underwhelmed by the resultant braid-out. You see, it didn’t look much different from my normal 4 twist twist out. In fact, in my opinion, it didn’t even look as good as that.

Also, I realized that an updo would really look sooo much better with the gorgeous dress Sofistafunk had sent me! Inspiration struck. The curly faux hawk!!!

OMGawh! That would be the perfectly edgy and funky updo for the dress and party!! Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner?!?! *Bopping head* Dang!! EMERGENCY SET!!! So, I put my hair up into a high ponytail with a banana clip and proceeded to pin curl it. Then, I spritzed the pin-curls with water and allowed them to dry. A couple of hours later, I spritzed with water again and allowed to dry. Yet another few hours later, I checked a curl. It had a nice, lush curl on the end, but the length just hung! Okay, spritzed again, with more water, pulled out the bonnet dryer and sat under it for 20 minutes on medium temperature.

Now it’s getting close to the time when I needed to start getting ready. The event started at 7 and I knew we needed to leave a good 2 hours prior to that to be on time. I released the pin-curls and … *flop.* Dang, dang! What to do, what to do?? Ultimately, I put my hair up with the banana clip and attempted this lovely updo that I saw on CurlyNikki a little while ago. I pinned the hair loosely around the clip into a bun of sorts and swooped three front sections back towards the bun separately, securing those with bobby pins as well. Not as cute as hers, but, it’ll work!

So yeah, that’s the story of “The Time My Emergency Set Didn’t Work and I Had to Go to Plan C!!!”

Now, it’s time for me to wash out my deep conditioner! I tried Zizyphus for the first time. Will it enhance volume? Restore curl? Increase shine? Join us next time for, “The Review!!” *Duh, duh, duuuuuuhhhhhhhh*!!


So, what did you do with your hair this weekend? Try anything new, style or product-wise?

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  1. lol you’re crazy girl. Your hair looked fabulous. it didn’t look the same as the pic on CN but yes it did look just as good. Yours was more curled while hers looked more textured from a braid out.


  2. I had some problems with my hair as well because it was too darn cold to do my wash and go. I need some ideas for quick, lazy styles for the fall/winter. I don’t want to spend time twisting and stuff.


    • I’m with you. Twisting can be tiring. I did box braids this weekend and they are in a bun but I know me.

      I think I’ll be bunning it the whole winter. Probably gain 4 or 5 inches lol


      • I am going to be getting my ends trimmed next month and corn rowing it up! I plan on ordering a few fierce hats from Threadmill and calling it a day! Since I big chopped the only things that really work well are my WNG’s or my bun/afro-puff. I am trying to really grow my hair out this winter so corn rows it will be for me.


  3. Awwwww, thanks all you wonderful ladies! As you know, my Winter plans involve a plan for New Nubian twists. That is, it does if the hair is ever back in stock!! Grrrrrr! I’m on the distributors notification list, but still nothing! I’ll have to devise another Plan B for the type of hair I’ll use if this isn’t in stock by the time I’m ready to twist it up in November. My plan is to go to the NYC CurlyNikki/ Meet-Up with my hair and then, long-term protective style, here I come!


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