You know, on Sundays, I usually post something random that I like. But, nothing came up that I felt particularly moved to share. Then, when I got home, I saw an e-mail from Wei with these pics and the message, “i thought you might dig this.”

Tee hee!!  He knows me so well! These are my people y’all!! LOL! I’m not a genious, nor quite as dorky, but I totally get these guys!! LOL!!

And I’ll leave you with this, one of my all-time favorite, The Big Bang Theory moments (couldn’t embed, so just have to share a link to the video :))!!


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  1. I just watched that clip the other day! I laughed so hard. But I totally get it – what can ever compare to the ability to clone Leonard Nimoy?

    I had to explain who Leonard Nimoy was to my better half though….:/


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