SofistaFunking in NYC!!! *CLOSED*



I just had to post a couple of pictures from the Sofistafunk NY Fashion Week After Party and Fashion Show last night!! Check out our lovely winners, Miche’al and Michelle and wonderful, gorgeous GOC friend, Etoile of The Curvealicious Chronicles. I need to get ready for work, but more to follow later, including my hair dilemma and how this style happened!!

Okay, sorry, I know the setting isn't glam, but had to get a full shot of the dress ... and my peep toe, leopard booties ;).

DIVA! The models were so gorgeous and sweet and this one was particularly so!



BAM!!!! Had to get a back shot of this one!

Arlinda, the Maven of Sofistafunk and giveaway winner, Michelle!


Arlinda and her glam entourage!

My sister and event photographer ;), Shana.

Singer, Alex Young.

Okay, there are quite a few more pics, so to prevent this from covering the whole front page of the site, here’s a slide show:)!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(p.s. Everything was simply GORGEOUS! We wanted everything modeled in the show! )


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  1. I so am PUNCHING MYSELF ! This morning while I set in my cube podering about how much fun you gals had last night. You look Fab by the way.

    Side note- I lost 5 lbs this week . I started juicing (and no not steriods lol ) Ill do an article for you.


    • Awww thank you sweet lady and thanks for hooking us up with Sofistafunk:)! I wanted one of everything!! And, your HAIR was fab! I can’t believe you did it yourself. You might have to go to Christo’s and give instructions for Tameeka!!


      • Awww thanks ma’am. It took FORVER to style on my length…I cannot imagine how much longer it will take when I reach BSL (my short trm goal). Looking forward to hanging with all of youe beautiful natural bella’s again very soon!


  2. I had an absolute blast! Thanks so much Shelli, Sofistafunk, and Etolie for such a wonderful opportunity!
    @Etolie you are so right we have to do it again! @Shelli dilemma? What dilemma? You hair looked fabulous! That last dress is a must to my wardrobe.


    • Miche’al, you’ll see the dilemma soon. I’ll try to write it up for this weekend. I planned one style, didn’t like it, tried to do an “emergency set,” it didn’t take, so ended up with what you saw. It worked, but it wasn’t the plan! LOL!!


  3. Greetings ma lady Shelli of the blog called Hairscapades:)

    ’twas my esteemed pleasure to make your acquaintance, and the acquaintance of the damsels that won our contest, each of you are beautiful for the eyes to behold.

    Your attendance helped make our social gathering a marvelous and memorable affair dahling!

    I do look forward to seeing you again on or about the 20th of the current moon:)

    LOL Thank you for your posts and I hope you enjoy your dress;)

    til we meet again, tah


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