GOC Update: Miss Leah


Miss Leah (Fourth Wave) gets serious about her weight loss goals with a visual aid!

by Miss Leah of A Diamond Through the Fire

Ok here goes! I wasn’t going to do a formal update until next month and here lies the explanation of that:

O m g  I t s  S E P T E M B E R

WOW… September crept up on me and said BOO! I promise I thought it was August 31 today, boy was I wrong! Oh well welcome September. New Beginning. Month 2 of my GOC. I thought about doing a length check, but just like hopping on the scale every morning to see if you lost weight, I think its better to spread out the checks. I don’t want to be disappointed if I haven’t retained anything. I’ll just keep up my regimen and hope for the best!

*Wedding Update*
New month brings new challenges. I am currently looking for places to host our reception!! Yeaaaa I’m offically planning my wedding. I am so excited to finally get started. I will be making a lot of things for the wedding and of course I’ll be posting them up here :).

*Hair Update*

I did a cowash and DT last night with my henna placenta. I rinsed this morning and put some leave in condish in and two strand twisted it up all over. Right now I got some bantu knots in. I’ll take them down this weekend and see how fluffy I can make it. I’m all about the fluff!

I plan on doing a length check at the end of the month.


As far as weight is concerned Ive decided to create a chart and the explanation is below:

G O C   W e e k   4 ! !
Wow I have reached my fourth week mark for my Grow Out Challenge…
In this time I have accomplished:

  • 2 cm hair growth
  • Created a new way to DC
  • Ummm
  • And ummm yeah so what happened was…

Yeah I slacked and didn’t keep up a regular routine like I wanted to. What I have been doing with my hair has been working so I can’t complain much. I wanted to incorporate some more protective styles in my hair but my time has been short…

In this time of my weight loss challenge I have:

  • Cut down on my gummy candy indulgence 😦
  • Attempted to drink only water… still working on that!
  • Cut out red meat (stupid cycle had me craving all kinds of red meat this month!)
  • Worked out on a semi-consistent basis (much better than before the WLC)
  • Decreased my portion sizes significantly! Breakfast and lunch are small, Dinner is medium
  • Lost couple lbs (gained them back lol doggone fluctuating weight!)
  • Documented my daily intake on my food tracker app. 1600 allowance for cals per day

Someone once said in order to created habit you have to do it religiously for at least a month so that your body will get use to it and begin to do it without knowledge. I really should have been more persistent with my regimen and going into this fourth week I have a new motivation. A good friend of mine, JS, told me that I should keep track of my weight loss with a chart! DING! Bell went off! I’m a visual person so I would love to see my progress on a chart. Kind of like a “raising money chart” where you color in the graph as you receive money. That’s my project for the day (even though I should be doing my summer house cleaning… doggone ADD got me doing fifthtyleven things at once lol).

I only have to loose 20 lbs by December… Its not that hard… I need to get off the laziness and make it happen! Wooo Hooo for week 4!!!!

I have started charting! I only drink water (5 bottles a day) and occasionally milk (few and far between lol). I cut my portions down and have been eating more smaller meals during the day.

Check out Miss Leah’s motivational post, Im CHARTING! for more details on her new health and fitness regimen! And, she also a creative little thing, so prepare to be impressed by her craftiness ;)!


Wait, what?!?!  You made this chart Miss Leah?!?! Is this a paper chart or digital?! It’s awesome!

Hmmm, if this is digital, maybe you can make one for the GOC where we can chart our weight loss (or lack thereof … or, perish the thought, GAIN!) as a group!! Like, we add all of our starting weights together and then where we want to be at the end of the challenge and chart our progress towards that goal!! How’s that for motivation?!?! We fail or succeed as a team! What do you guys think?!

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