GOC Update: Luv.Lyfe

Luv.Life (Seventh Wave) tells us about her efforts to combat dryness and excessive shedding.

My same old bun after a bit of finger detangling.

by Luv.Lyfe of My Lyfe My Growth

Here’s my update!


My fitness program has almost been nonexistent; however, I have kept up with good eating habits … for the most part :). Not much to say in this area, but I will get it together!  My fitness regimen will be improved by the next update!


I have spent this time trying to learn my hair and I’ve done all that I can to get to know these strands of mine. I figure it makes sense to learn it before I can grow it to my goal length. Well this was a costly lesson. I have had to deal with some serious shedding and excessive dryness. I then read somewhere that shedding can be caused by dry hair.  Duh!!!! Well, it now made sense to me as I had noticed my hair was very, very dry. I attributed it to the henna treatments (I’ve done three in four weeks) and thought it came with the territory. Although I deep conditioned after every henna, my hair was always strawlike after each treatment. To combat the dryness, I deep conditioned and applied Kimmaytube, sealing with different oils (jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil), but nothing helped with the excessive shedding or the horribly dry hair I dealt with on a daily basis.

After reading the post regarding moisturizing to combat shedding, I decided to try something new until I find a good leave-in conditioner. I pre-poo with coconut oil, then co-wash with Aussie Moist or Herbal Essence Hello Hydration once or twice a week. It may sound weird, but I am using a shea butter and HE HH mixture as a leave-in and it has helped tremendously. Until I can find a good leave in, HE HH is working just fine this week.  I’m not sure if it will prove to be a benefit in the long run, but I love the way my hair feels now.
By the way, I am beginning to see the the effects of the henna.  Luv it!
Let’s grow!!!

A failed flat twist 😦

Back to my bun shortly after a co-wash.


Glad you’ve found something that is working to restore moisture to your hair Luv.Lyfe! Did the dry hair start after you began using henna? If so, what type of deep conditioner and daily conditioner were you using? Were either protein-based? Those might contribute to dry, brittle hair. Also, not everyone does well with henna. But you indicated that you are starting to see the results! What are you experiencing?

Has persistently dry hair been your Albatross? Were you able to remove the bird from around your neck? If so, what do you think was causing the dryness and what did you do to fix it?
Do tell!! 

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    • Lol!!! I took a picture of the “good side.”. The back wasn’t completely dry and didn’t have much definition. It was puffy and funny looking 😉 I’m definitely going to try again!


  1. Well I’ve always A bit of an issue with dry hair prior to henna; however, it seemed to be far worse after applying henna. Im sure it had EVERYTHING to so with the lack of conditioning. I’ve always read, “condition, condition, condition,” but I didn’t know it meant, “CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION.”. We live and we learn. I now know!!!

    I uses the Aubrey Organics deep conditioner but that didn’t help after henna. I changed to the Lustrasilk Cholesterol conditioner mixed with jojoab oil and used you cool and seal trick and it made a BIG difference in moisturizing my hair. I used Kimmaytube as a daily conditioner/leave-in but it wasn’t that great for me. I hear people say they have a modified version. I may experiement in an effort of trying to get Kimmaytube to work for me.

    Henna, henna, henna!!! Henna has made my hair so soft and full. Curly Nikki often mentions having “fluffy” hair after her henna treatments. I was confused and trying to figure out what fluffy hair was! So now I know! I love the fluffy hair! I also feel as of my strands are thicker and stronger! Love that as well. I plan to henna again this weekend. I am out of Jamila so I’m going to try Dulhan’s! Well see how it goes.


  2. Wait why was I about to type the same thing before I saw your responses! The twist out doesn’t look failed to me either!

    For the leave in, try omitting the castor oil. It’s a little heavy. I do it both ways. Also, Giovanni Direct Leave In and Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in both seem to be good. At least my hair likes both and I’ve seen many others who are pleased as well.


    • Thanks Michelle. I was actually thinking about eliminating the castor oil. I may still do that. Also, I have a bottle of Giovanni Direct Leave In just sitting in the cabinet. I will try to use it for the Kimmaytube. I didn’t like it much when I used it alone!

      I will let you know how it goes!


    • Thank you Leah! I’m going to try that twist out again being sure to allow it to dry this time!!!!

      Yeah, I’m scared for the change in season, but it usually isn’t too bad in Cali! I’m hoping for the best!!!!


    • Thanks Terysa. I have not tried grapeseed oil but I am willing to try that as well. I also plan to use Kinky Kurly tomorrow after the henna. I hope it works!!!


  3. Kinky Curky Knot Today has definitely saved my hair. I wish I knew about it from the beginning of my transition. It would have saved me a lot of strands of hair.

    I used olive oil to moisturize my hair. My hair was beginning to feel dry too and I started using olive oils morning and night and my hair just sucked it all up, so maybe you should moisturize even more!


    • You guys were so right with the Kinky Curly Knot Today recommendation. I love it. I used it today after rinsing my henna and deep conditioner. I really like it. Like you Rece, I wish I would have tried it from the beginning of my healthy hair journey as well. I used it with the kimmaytube leave in, but when I gave up on the kimmaytube, I gave up on the KCKT. Well it is back in the regimen with a little bit of oil added. I just went to Target to purchase another bottle. I think I really like this stuff 🙂

      Rece, I also used a form olive oil today as well. It is actually Gueye’s Herbal Formula Hair oil. I usually use it with braids but figure it makes sense to use it now as well. The ingreients are: Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Capisicum, Rosemary, Aloe Vera Resin, Sage, Kelp, Nettle, Alfalfa, Horsetail and Peppermint. I love this stuff. With braids, it kept the scalp very moisturized and I like to think it helped my hair grow faster 😉

      Thanks for the suggestions!!!! I’m going to add plain ol’ olive oil to my regimen as well.


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