GOC Update: Mershauna


Here’s the adorable Mershauna (First Wave) … Back to School!

by Mershauna of The Dancing Optimist

Man, talk about a crazy month. Finally moved in and almost registered for classes. It’s a wonder i’ve been able to keep up with anything else. Out of pure laziness I’ve been wearing a lot of braid out buns, which have allowed me to moisturize daily. I took advantage of Labor Day weekend and decided to henna my hair. I believe that it was my fourth henna and this time around i definitely feel a difference in my hair as far as being stronger. I love henna … the process is so fun. My boyfriend and his roommate found it amusing also.

As far as fitness and health, I have it pretty easy. As a dance major, I take at least 2 dance classes a day, each being an hour and a half long. Starting this week, I’ll be up to three a day. Currently, I’m just focused on eating right. I’m still sticking to the no fast food thing. I’m really proud of that. I will say I fell back as far as going to the gym lately. I found a new love in cycling, but I haven’t done it lately. Rehearsal’s keeping me busy in the evenings, but im going to suck it up and get back into the gym.

Goals for September:
  • Get rid of knots (doing a trim no the 26th)
  • Moisturize
  • Calculate normal rate of growth
  • Wear protective styles (mainly twists)
  • Buy a scale


Wooh! 3 hours of dancing a day?! Now that’s some working out for your a@#$!!  LOL!

Do you have specific goals for September? If so, how are you doing on them given that half the month has almost flown by already?!?! 

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  1. Who needs to go to a gym when your dancing 3x/day. Isn’t dancing considered a form of excersize? I think so. You are indeed right about the benefits of the henna treatment. my hair always feels so full after each treatment.


  2. OK, now I’m starting to feel jealous here with all the working out. I gotta get my act together. I have all this equipment in my home, spent thousands of dollars for what? So, my husband can use them. Nah man, you guys are giving me some inspiration.

    I think I do better in the winter with working out just ’cause there’s nothing else to do.


  3. thanks for the encouraging comments ladies 🙂 @ marsimone1, dance classes arent always the best for cardio.since we are being trained and learning we take corrections and have things explained which cause many moments where we not dancing at all but talking or observing. many dancers cross train because your body gets use to classes. i like cycling because i can do it for long periods of time and its easy on my knees.


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