GOC Update: Tianna


Tianna (Fourth Wave) tells us what she learned in August:

What Works for You May Not Be For Me
Here’s what I’ve learned:
  • I can’t control myself when it comes to buys products. I purchased Vatika oil, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Cassia.
    • Vatikia Oil made my scalp itch.
    • HEHH made my hair soft.
    • Cassia is the ISH!!!! Cassia is my new love!!
  • Jamila for me now is like Sutter Homes Mocasto-so last year!!
  • Any henna treatment takes a maximum of 4 hours for the best results, not all night long.
  • You don’t have to mix 55 things in henna to get great results. Sometimes warm water and a little honey will do the trick.
  • My favorite new website is www.hennasooq.com. You can ask questions regarding henna and stuff and they answer in a timely fashion.  They have so much great information, it’s crazy!!
  • I have been product swapping with my friends to keep me from buying more hair stuff.
  • When I do go to the beauty supply, I ask for samples. Ladies please do this!!! I get all kinds of stuff and it also gives you a taste so you can feel whether or not you like something before buying it.
p.s. I’m training for a 5k jog/walk for October 16th! I want to jog at least 2 miles. I’ve been getting Water Wasted over the past 2 weeks, drinking only water and 1 cup of joe a day(I gotta have it!!).

This was the perm rod set for the look above.


Love this set Tianna!! So you are loving the cassia, eh? I was going to buy some with my last Mehandi.com order, but got cheap and stuck with the henna and Zizyphus. I’ll definitely order it next time as I forgot to re-up on my indigo! I’m sticking with henna for grey coverage, but would like to try cassia as a quicker, non curl weighing-down, conditioning treatment between hennas. 

What have you learned doesn’t work for you despite the rave reviews of others?

For me, it was the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo. Ummmm … no.


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  1. Rod set is lovely! I like your list of things you’ve learned.

    I learned that Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque doesn’t work for me although everyone else raves about it.


  2. Love the rod set! I’m transitioning, and roller sets are all that I know how to do. I will definitely try the rod sets next. Unfortunately braid outs and twist outs don’t work for me, my relaxed ends are just too straight. 😦

    I’ve learned that not all sulfate-free products that people rave about work well for me. I’m still trying to find what works. I’ve also learned that I must be the only person on the planet that isn’t in love with the KK Knot Today. LOL!


    • I only use it in the Kimmaytube recipe too. I’ve never tried it alone. Have you used it in the mix Nancy? I know some people don’t like it solo, but like it in the mix. If we learn nothing else though, every head of hair is different :)! So, it’s definite trial and error all of the time! Even when your hair loves one thing at one point, it may despise it months or years later. Natural hair can be finicky like that!


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