Braid Out: Roll & Clip “Do”


Yes. That is a Batphone.

Came up with this little “do” over the weekend on the braid out I wore on Friday. I really like it and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s very easy except that the mini jaw clips can be a little difficult to grip and attach. But, that’s all I used for this style.

What you need:

3 mini or small jaw clips

How to:

  • Optional: Make two braids in the front (you can skip this, because I really only did it to re-set the hair that had gotten frizzy from wearing it out in the humidity. I wanted to wear my hair out the next day.)
  • Take the front sections, including braids, on either side. Hold hair where the two sides will meet  and roll inwards for one rotation. Connect two sections in the center of the back of the head (mid-point) and secure with a mini jaw clip.
  • Next, take the sections behind my ears on either side of the face. Again, hold the sections where the two sides will meet, roll inwards for one rotation and secure together with a jaw clip against the head about an inch under the first section and over the ends of the first section. This creates an overlap.
  • The last section is comprised of the nape hair. Simply smooth together to the ends. Then lightly twist the ends and fold them up towards the head about an inch under the second jaw clip and secure the ends of the section to the head/hair with a third jaw clip.

Given the recent demise of my real camera, I couldn’t film a video tutorial. However, I ordered a new camera Sunday. So, if you guys would like a video of this style, let me know and I’ll work on filming one when I get the new tech :). I’m hoping I’ll be able to do better videos with this camera too! We’ll see.

In other news, I am really digging the braid out for a foundation style. It left my hair very stretched and pretty detangled! So, I might do braids again this week, but think that I’ll go with larger ones. We’ll see on that front too.

I did a pre-poo on Saturday evening with Vatika oil and EVOO on my ends instead of JBCO (testing the effect of EVOO after reading this post on bglhonline about olive oil also having a slight ability to penetrate the cuticle). The very tips of my ends have still been feeling a little rough and I’m giving it the good ‘ol college try one more time. If this doesn’t work, I really might do a micro-trim. I did 6 twists instead of 4 to ensure full oil coverage. I slept in the pre-poo and washed on Sunday morning using DevaCare No Poo. Another reason I did 6 twists is that I wanted to be very thorough in washing my scalp as it’s been two weeks since my last wash and last weekend I had white water squirted and thrown at me!! LOL! So, my scalp had some build up and dirt that needed a thorough cleansing. I washed my scalp one twist section at a time, re-twisting after rinsing the no-poo. This is not my normal routine. I usually just do my whole head, though I may leave my hair in twists when I begin. However, again, I wanted to make sure I was very thorough this wash day and I also wanted to prevent re-tangling.

Next, I used Aussie Moist to detangle instead of my usual HE HH. I wanted to compare the results as I had been reading a few reviews giving Aussie Moist the edge. The thing is, I think it had the unfair advantage given the super stretched state of my hair and the careful no-pooing. So, I won’t pronounce a winner yet. Check in with me on my next wash day ;).

Now, as I type, I’m sitting with a head full of henna that needs to be rinsed so that I can apply indigo. And, with that, I’ll end this long post with a couple additional low-quality, Batphone pics of the afore-mentioned updo from different angles.


So, what did you do with  YOUR hair this weekend? Oooh, ooh, I have an idea! Let’s share pics on the Hairscapades FB page too!!

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  1. I agree with Rece. At least the pics re clear! They don’t lok bad at all.

    I did henna this weekend too and wore a modified princess lea style with two pony puffs and two twists in the front. Nothing special but I was running around a lot.


  2. Thanks for the Batphone support! It works in a pinch :)! LOL!! Also, glad you like the style. I was feeling it, though I never wore it out of the house! So, I’ll have to do it again on another day. Michelle, you’re posting pics eventually on your site, I presume? Hmmm, you may already have them posted … let me go check:)!


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