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GOC Update: Tianna


Tianna (Fourth Wave) tells us what she learned in August:

What Works for You May Not Be For Me
Here’s what I’ve learned:
  • I can’t control myself when it comes to buys products. I purchased Vatika oil, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Cassia.
    • Vatikia Oil made my scalp itch.
    • HEHH made my hair soft.
    • Cassia is the ISH!!!! Cassia is my new love!!
  • Jamila for me now is like Sutter Homes Mocasto-so last year!!
  • Any henna treatment takes a maximum of 4 hours for the best results, not all night long.
  • You don’t have to mix 55 things in henna to get great results. Sometimes warm water and a little honey will do the trick.
  • My favorite new website is www.hennasooq.com. You can ask questions regarding henna and stuff and they answer in a timely fashion.  They have so much great information, it’s crazy!!
  • I have been product swapping with my friends to keep me from buying more hair stuff.
  • When I do go to the beauty supply, I ask for samples. Ladies please do this!!! I get all kinds of stuff and it also gives you a taste so you can feel whether or not you like something before buying it.
p.s. I’m training for a 5k jog/walk for October 16th! I want to jog at least 2 miles. I’ve been getting Water Wasted over the past 2 weeks, drinking only water and 1 cup of joe a day(I gotta have it!!).

This was the perm rod set for the look above.


Love this set Tianna!! So you are loving the cassia, eh? I was going to buy some with my last Mehandi.com order, but got cheap and stuck with the henna and Zizyphus. I’ll definitely order it next time as I forgot to re-up on my indigo! I’m sticking with henna for grey coverage, but would like to try cassia as a quicker, non curl weighing-down, conditioning treatment between hennas. 

What have you learned doesn’t work for you despite the rave reviews of others?

For me, it was the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo. Ummmm … no.


The RaVon Convertible Dress is Back on Ideeli!!


The RaVon convertible dress is back for a limited time (24 hours)!! I got my little black dress and wanted to let you all know you can get yours too!! They even have long sleeve options now!! So, if you’re interested, better get yours quickly before the style you love sells out (I haven’t found these dresses available in stores)! Check out the offerings on ideeli here.*

(*In the interest of full disclosure, wanted to let you all know that this is a personal invite link, which gives me a credit of $25 if you purchase from ideeli. If you already signed up for the site, then you can access as you normally would.  Thank you!!)

GOC Update: Chandra

Chandra (Second Wave) dishes on the good and the bad …

Welp, here is my update one month into the challenge!

I might as well start with the shortest and lamest, lol, the exercise part. Let’s just say, I can count on my hand the number of times I worked out during the month and I have lost all motivation. But … I will keep trying! I have a variety of DVD’s that I’m supposed to be using and will try to make a schedule of what exercise I will do. Instead of forcing myself to try to work out everyday, I’m going to start small (next week) and give myself credit for doing 2 days. Eating habits are still a lost cause!

As for my hair, some of you may recall my thoughts of relaxing and cutting (for details, see this post)!! Those thoughts are long gone and I think I have finally found a regimen that works for me!!! Yaaay! Here it is:

Weekly: My wash routine has been broken down into a two day process. I’m not one to keep getting in and out the shower to wash/rinse so I figured this would be better.
  • Pre-poo with Vatika Coconut oil either on Friday or Saturday (leave in overnight).
  • Wash with Renpure’s “My Pretty Hair is Parched” shampoo (I love this stuff!).
  • Condition with either HE’s Long Term Relationship or Hello Hydration mixed with some almond oil and detangle.
  • Deep condition with Elasta QP’s DPR-11 conditioner. Cover with a conditioner cap and scarf (If I need to be out and about, I cover the cap with a black do-rag and add a thick hair net (with earrings) so I look somewhat presentable. Leave in overnight.
  • The next day, I rinse deep conditioner, add  the Roux special treatment for damaged hair (thanks for this tip ladies!), leave-in conditioner (mixture of Aussie Moist condish, olive oil, and aloe vera gel), then HE’s Totally Twisted mousse. My curls come out so defined and bouncy with this mixture!

I am now only sealing the ends of my hair with Dabur’s Olive Oil and re-moisturize throughout the week with shea butter. The shea butter does best with locking in moisture into my hair.

Now I was twisting my hair, letting dry, and retwisting nightly. But that seems like it was just too much manipulation, so I have resorted back to my trusty old wash and go! It’s easy and quick and does not require too much thought (a plus for me lol). After it’s dry, I usually just add banana clip ponytails, buns, tuck and rolls, etc., depending on how I feel for the day.

And there it is! I haven’t focused too much on the length, but more so on improving my ability to manage (wash, detangle, and style). I do notice my WnG’s have a little more “hang time” : ).


Happy to know that you’re back on track Chandra!! NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND!! LOL!! Also, love the flat twist and hair snood look!!  Also, starting with two days a week of exercise or even one is better than nothing!

And remember that hair health isn’t only about topical solutions and handling techniques, it includes what we put in our bodies too! So, we have to make certain that we get enough water, fruits, vegetables, protein, “good” fats and whole grains/fiber in our diets to generate health from the inside-out! Start with one thing, like increasing your water consumption or adding a vegetable to a meal, etc. and build from there. You know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Are you being conscious about what goes in your body, as well as what goes on your head, in your journey towards healthier, thicker and/or longer hair? 

Braid Out: Roll & Clip “Do”


Yes. That is a Batphone.

Came up with this little “do” over the weekend on the braid out I wore on Friday. I really like it and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s very easy except that the mini jaw clips can be a little difficult to grip and attach. But, that’s all I used for this style.

What you need:

3 mini or small jaw clips

How to:

  • Optional: Make two braids in the front (you can skip this, because I really only did it to re-set the hair that had gotten frizzy from wearing it out in the humidity. I wanted to wear my hair out the next day.)
  • Take the front sections, including braids, on either side. Hold hair where the two sides will meet  and roll inwards for one rotation. Connect two sections in the center of the back of the head (mid-point) and secure with a mini jaw clip.
  • Next, take the sections behind my ears on either side of the face. Again, hold the sections where the two sides will meet, roll inwards for one rotation and secure together with a jaw clip against the head about an inch under the first section and over the ends of the first section. This creates an overlap.
  • The last section is comprised of the nape hair. Simply smooth together to the ends. Then lightly twist the ends and fold them up towards the head about an inch under the second jaw clip and secure the ends of the section to the head/hair with a third jaw clip.

Given the recent demise of my real camera, I couldn’t film a video tutorial. However, I ordered a new camera Sunday. So, if you guys would like a video of this style, let me know and I’ll work on filming one when I get the new tech :). I’m hoping I’ll be able to do better videos with this camera too! We’ll see.

In other news, I am really digging the braid out for a foundation style. It left my hair very stretched and pretty detangled! So, I might do braids again this week, but think that I’ll go with larger ones. We’ll see on that front too.

I did a pre-poo on Saturday evening with Vatika oil and EVOO on my ends instead of JBCO (testing the effect of EVOO after reading this post on bglhonline about olive oil also having a slight ability to penetrate the cuticle). The very tips of my ends have still been feeling a little rough and I’m giving it the good ‘ol college try one more time. If this doesn’t work, I really might do a micro-trim. I did 6 twists instead of 4 to ensure full oil coverage. I slept in the pre-poo and washed on Sunday morning using DevaCare No Poo. Another reason I did 6 twists is that I wanted to be very thorough in washing my scalp as it’s been two weeks since my last wash and last weekend I had white water squirted and thrown at me!! LOL! So, my scalp had some build up and dirt that needed a thorough cleansing. I washed my scalp one twist section at a time, re-twisting after rinsing the no-poo. This is not my normal routine. I usually just do my whole head, though I may leave my hair in twists when I begin. However, again, I wanted to make sure I was very thorough this wash day and I also wanted to prevent re-tangling.

Next, I used Aussie Moist to detangle instead of my usual HE HH. I wanted to compare the results as I had been reading a few reviews giving Aussie Moist the edge. The thing is, I think it had the unfair advantage given the super stretched state of my hair and the careful no-pooing. So, I won’t pronounce a winner yet. Check in with me on my next wash day ;).

Now, as I type, I’m sitting with a head full of henna that needs to be rinsed so that I can apply indigo. And, with that, I’ll end this long post with a couple additional low-quality, Batphone pics of the afore-mentioned updo from different angles.


So, what did you do with  YOUR hair this weekend? Oooh, ooh, I have an idea! Let’s share pics on the Hairscapades FB page too!!