GOC Check-In and Open Call!!


Okay, I’m calling you out … because I’ve finished all the GOC Update posts for the ones that I’ve received. As you may have noticed, we’ve had about 10-14 and, with 45 participants, there’s a lot more to go. So, where ya at GOCers? (Thank you to all who have sent in their updates. I hope everyone enjoys reading them and seeing the pics as much as I do!!)

Also, still looking for two more people for the 10th wave!! So, if you’re out there “lurking ;),” playing at home and are shy or nervous about joining … don’t be scurred!!!! *lol* Seriously, we don’t bite and none of us are perfect! Shoot, I still haven’t worked out in two weeks :(. The point of this challenge isn’t for you to start out knowing everything and having it all figured out or being the perfect person. We are here to help motivate and encourage each other to be consistent with taking care of ourselves. This forum just helps us hold ourselves a little more accountable. So, if you’ve been hemming and hawing about joining, c’mon, I promise it’ll be worth it :)! Again, first two entries will close out the wave.

9/14 UPDATE: The GOC is closed with six participants in the Tenth Wave! Our new contenders will be posted on Sunday (hopefully ;)!!!  

And, on another note, I’ll have some great HairStories for  you this week! So, if you submitted a while ago, keep an eye out for your story. I won’t be posting all, but I’ll be sharing three or four this week instead of the usual one. If you’d like to share your HairStory, check out this page for details on how to do so.

G R O W   B A B Y ,   G R O W ! !


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    • LOL!!! And, uh … Miss Leah … when are you going to add an avatar pic of yourself so that you aren’t the brain exposed monster:)? LOL!! I love having the little monsters though. I think that they are funny! LOL!


  1. I can’t find my camera charger. It has gotten misplaced in the move and I’ve been paparazzi status with my son so my camera is dead. Cell phone pics sucks. I’m going to try to find it and update soon, making some decent progress on my end.


  2. Tianna, your update is posting later today. I did them in order of receipt and I don’t do more than three a day. I try to keep it to that number so everyone has a chance to read all and they are featured for a few hours before the next one posts. But again, I worked on yours yesterday for posting today. I believe it goes up shortly, like at 1 pm. Thanks!


  3. I love your braided out style!!! I must try that one next. Since I handed in my update last week, I am going to try the braided up style and see what I get.


    • Hi Janay! I’m sorry for my delayed response! I was already over by one person, so I closed it out last week. BUUUUUttt, that doesn’t mean you can’t play along! Would you be interested in being a guest feature? Do you have a blog? If not, you can set your goals, regimens and rewards. Then, when I do Status Updates or even in between, send me a submission with your starting point and progress (challenges, successes and pics of course :). I will feature you as an “At Home” player. Hope you’ll play along :)!


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