Threadmill’s Satin-Lined Hats Have Arrived!! *CLOSED*


It’s here!!!  IT’S HERE!! They’re here!! THEY’RE HERE!!  That’s right ladies, the same day my lovely, luscious, soft, cozy and generously sized Threadmill satin-lined hat arrived, Dottie created a posting for CUSTOM satin-linings!!! For an additional $10, you can have any Threadmill creation lined!! How frickin’ awesome is that?!?!  So, if you’ve been eyeing a hat and wishing for a lined version of it or simply stalking the site waiting for the satin-lined chapeaus to debut, wait no more!! Time to get to your Fall/Winter shopping on and order your custom lining here today!!

And don’t forget!!  Dottie has offered us another GIVEAWAY!! At the end of the month, one lucky lady (or dude … hey, you never know) will be selected to receive a satin-lined, crocheted hat from Threadmill!! In order to enter for your chance to win, simply do the following:

  1. Subscribe to
  2. Like Hairscapades on Facebook.
  3. Comment on this post to let me know you’ve done both!

All subscribers, old and new, will be eligible to win!!

Now, I’ll leave you with some inferior quality pictures of me modeling my new hat. (I’m using my camera phone because I murdered my real camera yesterday :(. I dropped it after taking some pics of a new updo that I wanted to share with you guys. I tried to save it … but it was NOT having that. The joker was OVERHEATING!! I knew I needed to eventually buy a new camera … but now I have no choice:(. I HATE unplanned expenses!! Okay, sorry for the ramble. Pics now.

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  1. Do you know, Dottie just finished lining that grey one herself today and she barely posted it before someone snapped it up:)?!? I was soooo happy:)! And, I told her that I love that blue one in the left corner! How lovely would that one be lined??


    • I want it in black, grey and beige. Not in one hat, three different ones … those should go with everything. Ooooh, and a deep plum would be great too. I love plum. It’s my favorite color.


  2. I saw the black, grey, and beige ones, those are my colors. Not to mention I am really loving that they are lined. It should provide some protection for our curls and add some extra warmth.

    @Rece I with you, even if I don’t win I will be purchasing one. 🙂


    • LOL! Too cute :). But Ayeshia, you commented on the wrong post;). There’s a hyperlink in “this post” that takes you to the original post on which I requested the comment to let me know you’re done. 🙂


  3. I subscribed and liked your Facebook page (My FB is Yvonne Guessit)! I was actually contemplating how I could make one of these myself, which would most likely end in a complete disaster. Definitely glad I found you. Thanks for having this giveaway! 🙂


    • You are so very welcome:)!! And, I can relate as I was thinking about trying it myself last year, but opted for just sticking a satin bonnet under hats that looked like they might do damage;)!


    • That’ll work YoursTruly:)!! Thank you so much for subscribing! That color IS really pretty! I love all of Dottie’s hats. But, the neutrals are essential as they go with everything!


    • Sorry Que! This was the September giveaway and it’s over now. A winner was announced at the beginning of October. But, you can get a 10% discount off of Threadmill orders this month with the coupon code HAIRSCAPADES10 (excludes S&H and custom orders).


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