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Prepare to be blown away by this Seventh Wave GOCers August update!!

C o r i n n e

I will be 32 years old next month and I have never … EVER … had short hair. Short to me was shoulder length. I have been without a relaxer for 2 years now. However, for about 1 year, I was getting Dominican blowouts and I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread! It wasn’t until I really became interested in natural hair and the health of my hair that I realized my texture had changed. I really didn’t notice until I looked at some old pics of my hair before the blowouts.

My hair had gone from ringlets to waves. I was like, “What the heck?!?!” Things changed again when I tried henna. I loved the way my hair felt, but those waves turned into bone-straight tresses!! So, I have been saying that I’m just gonna cut it off in the new year. So, I do my bantu knots, twist and curls … and my hair is not doing what I want it to do. The roots look fab, but the length/ends look weak!

I will never forget the day I drove to a Hair Cuttery for my 15 buck hair cut. I tell the lady that I want  my hair cut short. She tells me it’s too long for her to cut “that short!” I guess she didn’t think I was serious, so she only cut it to my shoulders and put layers in. I kept telling her shorter, shorter … she said I should cut it gradually. So, needless to say, I left mad because I had psyched myself up to get it all cut off and I had left not doing that.

I go home and wash my hair to see if I still had the straight ends … I do!! To make matters worse, I’m looking in the mirror and I hear a rumble. Then the earth beings to quake!!! Really!! An earthquake on the day I decide to cut my hair!! This must be a sign!! LOL.

Well, I still didn’t like it, so it took me a little more time to work my way into another salon and I told the stylist I want to take it off. She starts cutting around the ends … I say, “No, I want you to take it ALL off. I want all the straight ends off!!!” After all the, “Girl, why are you cutting all that hair off,” “Girl, people pay for your type hair,” and “Girl, I can’t believe you are doing that,” I was ready to take the scissors and cut it myself! When the stylist saw that I was serious, she began to cut … and I felt like a weight had been lifted. I refused to leave another salon without my hair gone!! I got my hair cut the day before my 5 year wedding anniversary! My husband was surprised to say the least, but he knew I was going to do it eventually! I love it and, most importantly, I have my curls back!!  My goal is to be heat free. I saw first hand the damage it can cause. I may still use my hooded dryer … but I want to be totally heat free for a year. So that’s my BC story! It is the best decision I have ever made in my hair life! Thanks for reading!!!


LOL @ the “Girl, why you cutting all that hair off ” and “People pay [good] money for hair like yours.” I’ve heard that before!

Awesome story Corinne!! That was inspiring!! And, you look great!! Congratulations on you BC and best of luck on your journey back to healthy curls! Can’t wait to see what your hair looks like at the end of the challenge!!

Did you BC? At a salon? What was your experience like?
(If you want to get detailed, send in your BC HairStory by answering the questions found here! Don’t forget to send in before and after pics!!)

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  1. Love love love this hair story! Some things remind me of myself, like never having short hair in your life, thinking shoulder length hair was short and the “Girl, people would pay to have hair like yours!” I heard all of that after I did my BC.

    Your curls are gorgeous and your look very pretty with long hair and with short hair. What products do you use or your curls now?


  2. Go head girl!!! I couldn’t do it lol… I’m not bold enough. I get tired of my straight ends but I’m learning to love them and work with them… I do miss my all over curly hair though


  3. I loved this story too! My jaw dropped when I saw the pics Corinne posted on FB! I was amazed because it takes a lot of guts to BC that much hair when you’ve always had long hair. But, I do think it’s a good experience for all of us to do at least once. As I’ve read in so many BC stories, you really see you and only you … I am not my hair;). Now, you may decide you prefer yourself with long hair … I know I did with curly hair … but at least you give yourself a chance to experience something different and see the possibilities. Again, love this story and thank you for sharing it with us Corinne!


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