GOC Update: Miche’al

Miche’al (Second Wave) experiments with updos!
Miche’al (pronounced Michelle)

Hey Gals,

I really haven’t been up to much since my last update. I have been getting ready to go back to work, so that has been keeping me really busy. You would think after 10yrs of teaching I would be able to set up my classroom with no problem :(. Nope, every year it’s always something different. Anyway, I have been very good about my diet surprisingly, but I contribute that to going back to work. Usually in the summer, when I am at home, I tend to eat more. However, now that I am back on my grind, I just have enough time for my basic meals. My exercise routine hasn’t been that great. I have been running more, so that I may enjoy the last bit of summer weather. Also, when I can, I squeeze in a Jillian Michaels DVD.

As for my hair, nothing much has been going on. I have been doing my same routine. I ordered some of the Rajasthani Twilight henna and the Zizyphus that Michelle from Radiant Brown Beauty recommended. So, I can’t wait to try those out. In other hair news I have been experimenting with some of Shelli’s up-dos. Up-dos are so much easier for me to handle during the school year. In the pictures I have posted, I tried to achieve Shelli’s Chinese Bun (minus the braid). I must say, I never put synthetic hair into my own, so this was new to me. However, the added hair made the bun look 10 times better than when I tried it on my own hair. I think it came out not too shabby.

Well, that is all for now. Thanks again Shelli for this opportunity to share with one another. Until next update:

Blessings and Happy Growing to All!


Oooh girl, I hope you have a good group of kids and the hard work is rewarding! Loving the bun! So happy that you are finding styles that you are willing to give a try!

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  1. Hi Micha’el. It looks good and it’s a great protective style. If your hair is long enough and you do it with a banana clip, you won’t need to add hair. It will bulk it up automatically! You just wrap the hair around the banana clip and it makes for a nice fat fun 🙂 That’s how I wore my hair last night for FNO.


  2. I’m going to give the banana clip a try! I just wanted to add hairfor fun to see if I could do it. It’s okay about the spelling. I went my whole childhood with people calling me Michael. That’s my dad’s name. My parent tried to do inventive spelling with my name. O_o


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