GOC Update: Ky


Ky (Fifth Wave) gives us her month one recap.

Ky of Hair Today Healthy Hair Tomorrow

Started out strong. An injury left me sidelined for a week and my hair has been slow to recover.
Here’s my plan to get it back in shape:

  • Herbal treatments – cassia for September then the henna boot camp in October
  • Weekly oil treatments- worked so well yesterday I’m putting it in the rotation
  • Deep conditioning for no more than 30 minutes – the extra time contributed to my scalp issues
  • Keeping my hair twisted – unfortunately, no twist outs or bossy fros until my hair stops showing off

Stop by Ky’s blog for a blow by blow account of her first month in the GOC, including details about her first cassia treatment! Hopefully, she’ll tell us more about this “henna boot camp!!” We want details Ky!!


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  1. You know, I have been having some scalp issues. Wonder if it’s the DC’ing. I hope you have recovered fully from your injury. Best of luck!


    • it’s complicated. on one hand i’m glad it’s thick because i have some patches that thinned out but no one can tell. on the other hand i wish i could be like the women who can just part their hair in four sections when they detangle,style, etc.


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