GOC Update: CJ


Eighth Waver CJ does what needs to be done!


So the month of August was, to put it mildly, a huge fail in the exercise department. Between working 70 hours a week, my last 2 weeks of the internship, driving back to DC, getting sick, clinic orientation and school starting, I have not been on my eating/fitness game. I have a game plan to fix this all starting tomorrow.

As for the hair …

  1. I quickly gave up on the twisting every night. It didn’t take that long (while watching TV), but my hair HATED it. I was getting more knots and split ends.
  2. The budget doesn’t have room for all the new products I’d like to try.
  3. I did a henna/amla gloss the first week of the month, and will do a hendigo/amla treatment this coming friday. My hair already feels smoother, without curl loss, which has made it much easier to deal with.
  4. I’ve started doing big twist/bantu knots every night and pinning up my hair during the day as a protective style. Keeps manipulation to a minimum and lets me stay on top of moisturizing.

I got my first trim in *gasp* 15 weeks on Wednesday! These pics are post trim. I anticipated losing more than I wanted because my ends are so thin/split. But, it’s long enough to put into 2 french braids!


I think that we need something to help most of us in the motivation department! Chandra said something the other day that has me thinking! More to come on that! As to your trim, good job CJ! You have to get rid of thinning, split ends in order to prevent additional breakage if you want to work towards retaining length!


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