Bronx * Brooklyn * Queens Exhibit: NYC Meet-Up?


So, I was on BGLH the other day reading a post by the gorgeous Cipriana, with whose hair I’d previously fallen in love when I read her Style Icon interview several months ago. After she posted a very sweet reply to my “hair lust” comment, I decided to visit her blog, Urban Bush Babes, for the first time. When I clicked the link, I was awed by the images that greeted me!! They were these amazingly gorgeous, energetic and expressive portraits of Black women with natural hair that was as energetic and expressive as the faces it framed! The portraits are by Tim Okamura, a Canadian transplant who now lives in Brooklyn, and Bronx•Brooklyn•Queens is currently on exhibit at the Lyons Wier Gallery in NY.

Anywho, when I saw the series of portraits and the location of the exhibit, I immediately asked Cipriana if I could share her post and she graciously obliged (please check out her detailed overview of the artist and more of his work here). But then, the seed of an idea emerged. This exhibit is on display from September 8th through October 8th. Our DC Meet-Up met an unfortunate demise and it’s very unlikely that I will be able to re-schedule it in the same locale prior to November. So, I was thinking, perhaps we can have a mini- NY/NJ contingent Meet-Up that begins at the gallery and ends with lunch at a nearby restaurant! I’m going to this exhibit regardless, but thought it would be so much cooler if several of us got to enjoy it together!! So, what do you think? Anyone down for this? If so, we have to do it this Saturday (9/10), next Saturday (9/17) or the last Saturday of the exhibit (10/8) as my last two weekends in September are booked and the gallery isn’t open on Sundays. Also, it seems we may need to make an appointment according to the website. So, my NY/NJ ladies, please let me know ASAP if you are interested and which dates work for you, list all and rank from best to worst, so that we can try to make this happen!! A’ight?!?!  LOL! I am sooo not “street.” 😉

With that, I’ll leave you with some more eye candy …


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  1. I would definetly be interested. I would not recommend September 10 due to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and there is a credible terrorist threat against NYC. Any other date would work for me.


    • “Never draw or paint again?!?!” He makes me WANT to draw and paint again! LOL! I’m gonna start asking for all of you to send in pics for portraits! LOL!! NOT!! LOL! I’d never be able to do that and maintain the blog. But, don’t be surprised if you see a little bit of art from me on here inspired by natural hair ;)!


  2. So happy you wanted to post Okamura’s work, You have to see it in person they are almost floor to ceiling paintings! Let me know if you come into town. My contact is on my site and you are a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much 😀


    • I’m so excited to go to the exhibit. It looks like October 8th will be the plan! I’ll definitely let you know when we go … and, you know, I’m a Jersey girl:) … born, raised, still here ;)!! And DITTO on the sweetheart thing :)!! Thank you again for sharing the work of this amazing artist!! I can’t wait to see these in person!!


  3. Yes definitely let me know. I would to check it out again. The exhibit space is small but he has 5 huge floor to ceiling paintings and about another 4-5 smaller ones. I wish there was more but still amazing!!!


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