Another Simple Banana Clip Updo!


Seriously, I can never get enough of these (hope you can’t either, otherwise there may be a problem! LOL!)! Anywhoooo, here’s Michelle (First Wave) sharing a bulleted tutorial for one of her quick and simple banana clip styles :)!


by Michelle of Radiant Brown Beauty

Alrighty now, here’s my simple (I’m so simple when it comes to styling lol) banana clip style:

The night before I did this style, I was bum lazy – lol. So, what I did was put 4 flat twists (connected to the scalp) in the front of my head (for texture) and then stuffed the rest of my hair under a satin bonnet.

In the morning I did the following:

  1. Applied Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to the length of the hair that was not twisted and added Aloe Vera gel to the edges.
  2. Whipped out a trusty banana clip (yes I have 7 of them…never know when one will break – lol) and pulled all my hair (but the front) to the side and clipped.
  3. Took one half of the hair in the banana clipped and rolled around clockwise and pinned over the banana clip.
  4. Repeated with the rest of the hair counter-clockwise.
  5. Loosened the front twists and softly rolled them together towards the right, loosely pinning back toward the bunned hair, but left a few ends sticking out (my daughter thought it was cuter this way than to make it so neat by pinning it all down).
  6. I left a small piece  of hair dangling down the side from the hair that was twisted – for a little flair and to hold my edges since I was in a little rush :).
  7. Put on a decorative headband, which also aided in holding back the puffed up front without crushing it.

That’s it! Simple as pie.

I achieved this minimal protective style with 3 simple accessories: The Banana Clip (remember when these came in colors?), Goodie Ouchless Bobby Pins and a cheapie headband I forgot I had.

I did not use a brush or a comb. Only once in a blue moon will I use a brush to smooth my edges, but that’s only when I have time to focus on smoothing carefully, followed by tying the hair down.

Finally, thanks to Shelli, I don’t use a comb EVER without my hair being soaked with conditioner and even then I tend to use my fingers.


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  1. I think this is BEAUTIFUL. I just fell upon the use of bananna clips again . . . I honestly thought no one used them anymore, but I am now an ADDICT! I can’t stop looking at the various styles. Thank you for sharing this style I am going to try it!


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