Dry Bantu Knot Out


I'm a little messy from j'ouvert, but look at my hair!

by Rece of A Hair Story

I’ve been meaning to try Bantu Knots for a long time. I just knew that if I did them, my hair would never dry. Recently, I saw a pic of my friend and her hair looked fabulous. I asked her what she did to her hair and she told me that she dries it some, then two strand twists it, then Bantu Knots it. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do Bantu knots on dry hair, but I decided to try it last night.

I twisted my hair with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Curls – Creme Brule. I did a bunch of Bantu Knots. I wasn’t sure how big or small I should do them. I tend to do my twists smaller than most people because I feel like my hair gets too frizzy when I do bigger twists and have to separate them. I like good definition in my styles. In any case, I did my Bantu Knots slightly bigger than the sections I usually use. It was pretty quick and easy. I had to use a bobby pin to for about three of the twists because the ends just weren’t staying tucked in.

Here are the two strand twists in Bantu Knots…



This morning I unravelled and untwisted and this is what I got. Unfluffed.


…and the final outcome. Usually when you see me with a headband in the front, that means something went wrong with the part that falls in my face. LOL


I think it came out pretty good. I’m not sure what I expected, but I like that the ends are all curled. A lot of times, I end up with straight ends when I do a twistout.



Love it Rece!! I definitely have been hesitant about Bantu Knots because of the drying issue as well! I might have to give the dry knot-out a try! 

Have you tried Bantu Knot Outs? Wet or dry? What products do you use?


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  1. It looks great and I love the added headband! The messy look is cool too 🙂

    I always do my bantu knots dry. The first time I did it was on wet hair and I wound up with a ponytail the next day. It was wet and been set for over a day! When you do them dry, they come out nicer in my opinion. They also help stretch the hair.


  2. Looks so good Rece! I have done Bantu Knots on both wet and dry. The wet set takes forever (or what seemed like) to dry. When it did finally dry it came out really nice. The dry set I used a setting lotion concotion that CN’s Aunt uses. I only used a small amount and the results were just as awesome as the wet set.


    • Thanks!
      But ummmm… what’s this setting lotion concoction about? Spill the beans!!!

      Is regular setting lotion bad for your hair anyway? I have the blue LottaBody one, but haven’t used it in a while. I used to always use it for my WnG’s because gel dried out my hair too much. Now I’m wondering if I should revisit it. What’s the consensus?


  3. Very cute!

    I tried bantu knots, but I need something that’s going to dry overnight and though my hair does dry very fast, when its in knots, it can take a couple of days. I never tried the style for that reason. I don’t think I want to leave the house with knots on my head…


    • Definitely try it on dry hair. It can out pretty good. I imagine it would look a lot nicer if it was done wet, but who had days to waste waiting for their hair to dry?


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  5. I have bantu knots in my head right now. Its 1:02 in the morning, and im sitting on my bed with a blowdryer trying to make sure my hair’s dry by 8:00 a.m! Hopiit dries all the way cuz i have somewhere to be.


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