Threadmill Debut and New Giveaway Announcement!! *CLOSED*


A week or so ago, I mentioned that Threadmill was going to debut a new item for the Fall that would be right up our alley. When Dottie and I first met, I suggested that she create satin-lined versions of her hats as cotton and wool can rob natural hair of much-needed moisture. As there is a dearth of Fall/Winter chapeaus with this feature, I told her that I just KNEW that the natural community would flock to a shop that offered lined hats. Well, Dottie just made the first one yesterday … and sent me pics!!

I was super excited!!! Look at the lushness of that lining!!! I LOVE that chocolately, silky brown! Plus, she’s added elastic to make certain that the tam will retain a nice fit!! But sorry ladies!! This one is mine!!! ย It’s the first and only one for now, but more are coming soon!!!

And, to make things interesting, Dottie has offered us another giveaway!! At the end of the month, a winner will be selected at random to receive a hand-lined and crocheted hat from Threadmill!! In order to enter for your chance to win, simply do the following:

  1. Subscribe to (I mean, you know, you are already here ;)).
  2. Likeย Hairscapadesย on Facebook.
  3. Comment on this post to let me know you’ve done both!

All subscribers, old and new, will be eligible to win!!

Are you as excited as I am about the satin-lined hats?? Tell Dottie, because you know, demand begets supply!!


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  1. I have subscribed and liked. I thought a while ago that it would be wonderful to start a line of satin-lined hats for US but again, I sat on an idea for too long. This hat is beautiful!


  2. How cool to have her hats with linings in them! What a great suggestion and even better to see it come to fruition! I brought 3 of her hats based off a post you had about Threadmill back in the summer. I love them (I sent Dottie an email to thank her for such great products) and will be taking pics in them to share with the group during our GOC journey (the style and look will be completely new for me – as is my entire new ‘naturally me’ look ;-).

    I’d love to be entered in the sweepstake to win one with a lining!


  3. Thank you for the gentle reminder. I didn’t commented on FB and now here and I LIKED on FB. I can’t wait to get my head into one of these hats. I checked out her etsy page the other day so I am really excited now and anxious for place an order.


  4. OK…there is something to say about proof reading before hitting submit. This is how the first sentence of my reply should have read:
    Thank you for the gentle reminder. I did comment and like on FB and now here.


  5. Glad you ladies are as excited as I am and thanks for subscribing and liking my FB page! I know that several of you were already existing “fans,” but having everyone post that here will make it easier for me to gather all the names in one place to do the drawing at the end of the month. Also, I’m hoping to draw out some of my favorite folks, the “lurkers ;).” I know you are out there and I hope to post something interesting or intriguing enough that you can’t help but comment :)!!


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  7. Awesome ladies! Now, you know that we are only giving away one and at the end of the month. So, ummm, yeah, you probably should go ahead and order one now;-). And, just so you know, Dottie will make anything you want. If you see a hat that you love that is sold, just message her with the pic and request that one. If you see one that you love, but want in a different color or multiple colors, message her with the pic and the color(s) and she’ll do it. She is absolutely wonderful and so accommodating. Shoot, if you want a matching scarf, I’m sure she’ll hook you up with that too!!! Btw, if you click on her “sales,” you can see some hats that have already sold. So, search there for designs too! If you like my hat above or the one in the “custom lining” post that is grey with the coral accents? Just let her know. She is a wiz;)!


  8. I’m currently in the transition phase to becoming natural. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and creating your page. It’s very motivational and informative!!


    • Thank you so much Debra!! I really appreciate the feedback and encouragement! I hope that I can keep bringing you all good stuff:)!! Thank you for subscribing and liking too!!


  9. Ahem, apparently I commented on the wrong post before, so here I go again:

    I am now a newly subscribed College Curlie who likes Hairscapades on FB!!! Please, oh please, choose me!!!

    I would LOVE to wear my hat around campus and have my fellow curly peers sweating me for the name of the creator while also keeping my curls protected!


  10. I have like and subscribed. I loved her website and was saying that it was a shame they are not lined, which made it a no, no for me to wear. But NOW!!! It is on and poppin!!


    • Yea!!!! I know, right?!?! Here’s a little trick too!! If you really loved a hat that is sold, check out her sold items and request that she recreate the hat for you!! Dottie is the best!


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