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GOC Update: CoilyNP


CoilyNP (Fifth Wave) reaches a first month weight loss milestone, but suffers a setback in regard to her hair goals.

by CoilyNP

I have a few updates.

In regards to my weight loss, I had a really good month.  My goal was to lose 1 pound a week and I lost 4 pounds for the month of August.  My workout schedule was less than desired. I stayed focused on eating just 1500 calories a day and drinking my 9 glasses of water. To improve, I will try to work out at least 3 times a week and attend a Zumba class on Sundays.

Now, on to my hair :(. I tried to flat-iron my hair last Friday and things did not turn out well. I had really terrible split ends, and I cut at least 1 inch off. The hair cut was discouraging at first, but now I am more focused on my healthy hair journey. I thought I was doing everything right, but my ends tell the story. I am now focused on deep conditioning, moisturizing, sealing ends, and protective styling. I think my problem is single strand knots.  Any advice would be appreciated. Staying focused and positive for the next 5 months. Since I did lose weight, I bought myself a few banana clips!!! Thanks for the great blog and this opportunity.


Wow, that’s awesome that you lost four pounds this month CoilyNP!! Many of us are struggling with our fitness and weight loss goals, so it’s great to find someone succeeding! Just think of what you’ll be able to accomplish when you incorporate exercise into your regimen!!

As to your single strand knot issue, I think that your focus on DCing, moisturizing, sealing and protective styling will help a lot. Stretching your ends with twists, braids, bantu knots or banding can also be helpful in reducing SSKs. I remembered this funny and informative video I saw last year on CurlyNikki and thought it might be helpful too. Check it out!

Do you have any advice for helping to reduce/prevent SSKs?


Threadmill Debut and New Giveaway Announcement!! *CLOSED*


A week or so ago, I mentioned that Threadmill was going to debut a new item for the Fall that would be right up our alley. When Dottie and I first met, I suggested that she create satin-lined versions of her hats as cotton and wool can rob natural hair of much-needed moisture. As there is a dearth of Fall/Winter chapeaus with this feature, I told her that I just KNEW that the natural community would flock to a shop that offered lined hats. Well, Dottie just made the first one yesterday … and sent me pics!!

I was super excited!!! Look at the lushness of that lining!!! I LOVE that chocolately, silky brown! Plus, she’s added elastic to make certain that the tam will retain a nice fit!! But sorry ladies!! This one is mine!!!  It’s the first and only one for now, but more are coming soon!!!

And, to make things interesting, Dottie has offered us another giveaway!! At the end of the month, a winner will be selected at random to receive a hand-lined and crocheted hat from Threadmill!! In order to enter for your chance to win, simply do the following:

  1. Subscribe to Hairscapades.com (I mean, you know, you are already here ;)).
  2. Like Hairscapades on Facebook.
  3. Comment on this post to let me know you’ve done both!

All subscribers, old and new, will be eligible to win!!

Are you as excited as I am about the satin-lined hats?? Tell Dottie, because you know, demand begets supply!!

GOC Update: Tiffany N.


Check out how Tiffany N. (Fourth Wave) did in the first month of the GOC and how she plans to modify her regimen and address her challenges this month!

There have definitely been modifications to my routine!


Hair:  I co-washed almost daily. I  deep conditioned once or twice a week. I shampooed my hair three times last month, instead of twice. I also did a henna treatment with a deep conditioner afterward once.

Hair Style: I have been bunning most days after co-washing with Herbal Essences Totally Smooth conditioner. On the days I wear my hair curly, I have been baggying with olive oil and conditioner. About twice a week, I did a WNG with Kinky Curly products. However, I straightened my hair twice in August using a blow dryer and flat-iron. I used a heat protectant, but I won’t be straightening this way again for at least the rest of the year.

Fitness:  I lost three pounds last month and now weigh 144 pounds. My trainer totally flaked on me, so my strength training went out the window. I also did not run/walk four times a week after the first week. However, I bought a Jillian Michael’s DVD (Ripped in 30 Days) and have been working out to that three days a week. It is a mix of cardio and strength training. I have been good about portion size, increasing water intake and limiting fast food. I only had it once last month!! I still need to work on increasing my vegetable intake.

Journal:  I only wrote in my journal twice last month instead of once a week.

New Regimen:

Hair:  I will go back to bunning five days a week and co-washing daily.  I will continue to baggy most days and deep condition once or twice a week using the Ouidad method you posted. I will also do a henna treatment once a month followed by a deep conditioning treatment. If I straighten my hair, I will only do roller sets and sit under a dryer and will do so no more than once a month.

Fitness:  I am back in the gym with my trainer. I will strength train with him once or twice a week for an hour. I will work out to my Jillian Michaels DVD five days a week. I will also run/walk 3 miles three times a week. I will continue to moderate portion size by eating from smaller plates. I will eat more vegetables and drink more water. I will also continue to limit fast food to once or twice per month.

Journal: I will rededicate myself to writing in my journal at least once a week.


My biggest challenges have been getting bored with bunning and working out regularly.  However, I am newly motivated.  I’ve been looking at pictures of youtubers with long, natural hair and creative bunning styles, so that should help with the boredom.  Also, my sister and I have started a fitness challenge with each other for the month of September. Plus, since I lost three pounds without being consistent, I am excited to see how much I can lose if I make working out part of my daily routine.


Thanks for the detailed update Tiffany!! I’m confident that your dedication and ability to adapt to the obstacles you encounter will enable you to achieve your ultimate goals!! Without adaptation, there is stagnation!

Speaking of Youtube and creative bunning, what good protective styling tutorials have you watched lately? Please share links below!

Step Away From the Towel!


Tips & Tricks: Number Three

You’ve washed, detangled and conditioned your hair, rinsing with lukewarm, cool or cold water. You step out of the shower or lift your head from the sink and reach for your bath towel. STOP!!! Put your hands in the air and step away from the towel! You see, that seemingly innocuous, standard shower necessity could destroy all your hard work!! The surface of most standard bath towels disrupts the cuticle layer, separates the natural “clumping” of curls and contributes to frizz. However, there are several options out there for absorbing excess moisture from the hair that reduce/eliminate the drippies without robbing the hair of too much moisture or roughing up its surface.

We’ll start with the “high end” options and work our way towards the items that are probably already in your house … so, you know, “free!!”

First up are the Hotheads Hand Dry Hair Towel and Hand Dry Hair Gloves, both around $25. In this post, CurlyNikki listed the Hair Gloves as one of her top five styling tools for “blotting excess moisture prior to applying styling conditioner.”

Next up are the Curls Like Us Curl Cloths pictured far above. These handy, dandy little towels come in a two pack for $24. I actually own a set and have been using them for about a year now with much success. They do what they are supposed to do, are nicely absorbent and the two pack means that you can throw one in the wash and have another ready to go!

Another option is the Aquis Mimi’s Diva Dryer Hair Towel, which runs for $11-13. This is a microfiber towel that claims to be super-absorbent and dry “hair in half the time, so there’s less blow-drying and fewer split ends.” Now, I have no experience with this towel. However, I’ve always been leery of microfiber as it looks like velcro to natural hair. So, this is a product about which I’d love to hear your experiences. Curlmart doesn’t have any reviews of the product, but Amazon has 28 here. You’ll have to be the judge on this one!

The DevaCurl Deva Towel is another microfiber option that costs about $12 online. It seems to have a lower pile than other versions. Now, y’all know I swear by DevaCare No Poo and DevaCare One Conditioner has been one of my staples for years. However, as many of us know, you may love one thing in a line and hate another. With that being said, the reviews I see on this towel are mixed. Some love it, but find it overpriced online (seems you might be able to find it on the ground for cheaper). Others didn’t like it at all and found it no different from any other microfiber  towel. However, regardless of whether they liked it or not, most reviewers indicated that it was too small and would be better in a larger size. However, it is an option, so I wanted to list it. Someone may be looking for a nice, convenient, travel size microfiber towel!! *lol*

Now, although some of the options above are great, there are also a couple of lower cost alternatives that are just as effective.

Though not as pretty, the smooth surface of an old, cotton T-shirt was the inspiration behind Curl Cloths. So, just grab a nicely worn tee (preferably free of heavy, excessive screen print or adornment) and blot away. And, if you want the shape of the Curl Cloths, simply cut off the top portion of the T-shirt to remove the neck and sleeves as demonstrated below. (This is also a nice back-up option when both of your curl clothes are in the laundry! I know from experience! LOL!)

Last, but not least, some good old-fashioned paper towels will always get the job done!!! Of course, you may go through an entire roll if your hair is very wet and you have a lot of it! Now that I think about it, in the long run, this option could be more expensive than any of the above, reusable tools!! Regardless, they work in a pinch!! But, you’ll want to make certain that you are using lint-free towels! A head full of white lint would not be the look ;).

Finally, whatever option you choose, remember to blot and squeeze your hair to absorb excess moisture. Never scrub or rub.


How do you “dry” your hair damp? We’d love to hear your experiences with any of the above tools or recommendations for others!